HorrorScopes TarotScopes for Summer Solstice, 1998

There are many splendid and glorious THINGS about Europe, sweeties, however,...

Oh wait a moment...That's another piece of writing in progress. Let's begin again shall we? After I returned from dashing about the European Continent, I dutifully (if belatedly) studied the charts, the planets, the houses, the signs, the progress of that damn photon belt, and other related constellatory THINGS, and I regret to say that I came away completely untantalized and thus uninspired. Not willing to remain so stymied, I picked up my current favorite book (a book that vaulted me around the museums, galleries and bookstores of Europe in a constant artistic and literary frenzy) -- Sexual Personae -- Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson by Camille Paglia, and re-devoured a few of my favorite chapters. Without proffering a lengthy dissertation on the chain-reaction of inspiratory ideas that resulted, I decided to slip behind the veil for a bit and use the Medieval Scapini Tarot in a special divinatory ritual to scry a specific Tarot card for each sign with which to apply aside the appropriate planetary leanings.

Merciless in my divinatory quest, I spilled the cards, spread the deck face down and fervidly mixed the cards round and round (counter-clockwise, naturally), thus allowing for the likelihood of (oh the horror) reversed-cards. I used the entire deck in my scrying, so if it's a Major Arcana card in your sign, then obviously it would signify IMPORTANCE. A Minor Arcana card would indicate a tempest in a teapot sort of a thing, whether unpleasant or joyous.

Without further ado but refusing to explain that damn photon belt theory, here now are the Tarotscopes for the Summer Season:

Melusine de Nuit

bullet ARIES bullet LIBRA
bullet TAVRVS bullet SCORPIO
bullet CANCER bullet CAPRICORN
bullet LEO bullet AQVARIVS
bullet VIRGO bullet PISCES

MARCH 21 thru APRIL 20
Aries JUDGEMENT. Ring-a-ling. It's time to wake up. It's time to get on your ship that came in before it sails without you and before that damn photon belt screws up the compasses. It's time to drop the dilapidated, mildewed emotional luggage, time to refine your definitions, time to redecorate your internal and/or external form, time to revitalize your secret yet potent ambitions, time to change your tune, shed your skin, butter your bread, even bite the hand that feeds you. IT'S TIME to do something to signify -- even if only symbolically -- a reawakening of some kind. You don't HAVE to make good on transition, however. If you do choose to languish a bit longer in your current state of THINGS, well, be forewarned that the gently sarcastic nudging by your subconscious will turn on you. Instead of letting you have the Key to the new City, your Muse will maneuver you into all sorts of situations where your social environments will become a mirror for your most dreaded insecurities, reminders of lost loves, and missed opportunities. Familiar patterns of dependence will sweep you into their tide-pools of escapism and stasis. Such is the hamster wheel of voluntary stagnation.

Most of us are familiar with the sci-fi plot line of a "window in space and time" that lasts for a certain amount of time and you have to get through that window in order to _________________. This the plot of your life at the moment. Fill in the blank. By the Autumnal Equinox you should either be unlocking new doors in that new metaphorical City -- or chasing after a piece of wilted iceberg lettuce (just beginning to brown around the edges) as you take another spin on the hamster wheel. It's your judgment call.

APRIL 21 thru MAY 21
taurus THE EMPRESS. Wow. No wonder there were so many damn birthday parties for Tauruses in the last 4 weeks or so. You are in the mix! You are riding the highest wave, wearing the crown jewels, grabbing the brass ring. If not, you SHOULD be. The Empress is progress, fertility of all kinds, pleasure and enjoyment, and the sudden abundance of creative and harmonious possibilities or ideas. You should feel awash in sensations of playful sovereignty along with the magnetic resonance from that damn photon belt. For the next three months you can reap some rewards, have saucy fun amidst cool satin sheets, write some novels, make some music, dance yourself into a frenzy. Do you need extra money? Go out and get some. Now is the season to make the most of yourself and your environments. Pick your most cherished ambition and launch yourself into it.

If you have already been driving in the fast lane in regard to the above then you are those Tauruses who are lounging around relishing all sorts of sumptuous experiences -- whether it's turning off the phone and savoring the richness of solitude or whirling through social events like a breathless dervish. Just be sure to expect the unexpected along the way and if something sends your world(s) topsy-turvy, remember, "Living Well Is The Best Revenge."

MAY 22 thru JVNE 21
gemini EIGHT OF SWORDS. Bet you wished this was one of those reversed cards, hmmm? You are officially trapped on a useless, dreary, subconscious-created island. And that damn photon belt isn't helping. Your constant companions are old secret fears, betrayal issues, trust issues, self-esteem issues, depression issues, -- my god! You've gone and washed up on the Island of Unpleasant Issues. There's frustration, anger, exhaustion, embarrassment, ennui, bondage (not the fun kind), tunnel-visioned short-sightedness, the Professor and Mary Ann. This is the summer of your discontent. But it's a Minor Arcana card so this isn't any sort of Life Altering Crisis. And these surly, unenjoyable things can be turned to your advantage eventually -- manna for as yet unsurfaced creativity, the seeding of your etheric nature to stimulate new and unique ideals and ideas for future transplanting into your manifest life. You can even break-up with some of your more tired and dated Issues by looking them squarely in the mirror and saying "I may love you, but I not IN love with you any more."

This lousy patch is like any other brief (but nonetheless vexatious) cycle in life -- the Tauruses are having themselves a splendid ole time, but you Gems are in a trailer park sort of a rest stop. So in the words of my dear friend and all around Diva, Omewenne, "Just pretend you're Karen Black in a trashy made-for-t.v. movie playing a truck stop waitress. Everything should become surreal and amusing from there on."

JVNE 22 thru JVLY 23
cancer KNIGHT OF COINS. Slow but steady wins the race. Patience is your vehicle at the moment and you're the People Who Need People sign for the next three months. It's time to make connections, network, lay groundwork and do all those other foundation building things. Working in tandem with others will give you more grounding and increased potentials -- but won't necessarily hurry the results at this time. In other words, you can count on a nice breather from the Fates (they're obvious busy partying with the Tauruses and throwing spitballs at the Gemini folk). In this lull, you can get your bearings, consult the weather vanes, and then take the most direct route to solidifying and manifesting your desires and ambitions, that damn photon belt notwithstanding. You will have to make specific decisions and actual choices about money, creative projects, matters of the heart, and everything else in your life that is doing a balancing act. Now is a very good time to make concrete decisions and then shut the matter to reconsideration because there's a point where "trying to decide" becomes "delaying the obvious" and do you really want to play poker with the Fates when you KNOW they can count the cards --including the ones you can't even SEE?

So just mosey along contemplatively and assuredly, adding fresh elements to your psyche, gathering new ideas and opportunities, making new friends and contacts. And every now and then, let the night take you out for a frivolous whirl or somehow investigate a momentary silly detour. A break in the routine to freshen up before returning to your determined and focused course. I wonder what the harvest will bring come the Autumn Equinox?

JVLY 24 thru AVGVST 23
leo KNIGHT OF CUPS - Reversed. You've been a naughty, haughty feline, haven't you? And you've been allowed that. Indeed, you've been encouraged, taunted, cajoled and practically ordered into an exploration of interesting kinds of decadence. You had all that cake, frosting and cherry, as well as some champagne truffles and you ate them all, didn't you? You counted all those chickens, put every single egg in the same basket and tossed a multitude of rods into an assortment of fires. Over-indulgence is not a BAD thing, necessarily, but you KNOW that the pendulum always swings back because of gravity, physics, karma, that damn photon belt, whatever. And now the swing-back has begun and ennui is the demon of your Summer. There's still lots of fun, seduction and begin seduced, fertility of mind, spirit, body, and social life but by damn, you feel so very over it all. You need to indulge in bit of abstinence (whatever kind) in order to freshen up the scheme of things.

Perhaps you could to do some things a little more meditative -- cleansings, purifications, revitalization, vision quests, holistic retreats -- because ennui is the Anti-Fun experience. And if ennui gets a foothold in your psyche, you're going to have to move or do something drastic to bring enough chaos into your life to change it around enough to make it interesting again. And that can hurt and be depressing. And a depressed Leo is very annoying at parties -- so please, for those of us who want to continue adoring you -- give it a rest for a while -- whatever IT is. To quote a fab line from a movie I recently rented (but I can't remember the name of it. All I remember is Laura Flynn Boyle is in it), "Too much tinsel ruins a tree."

virgo THE WORLD - Reversed. You didn't finish but you thought you had. You have loose ends in a lot of areas of your life and you need to tie them up -- or cut them off. It's a challenging and anxious time, very much so, because you missed an important lesson (probably after being waylaid by the influence of that damn photon belt), and have to relearn it. Frustration, pressure, emotional and physical stress and perhaps minor annoying injuries and ailments. Like Gemini, you are being tested and tormented by the Fates, but this is much more intense. You need to make some very important decisions in order to redirect your life's course. You need to end some things before you can begin new things. Specifically and especially, you cannot take care of your life the way you have been used to, as the old tried and true methods, perspectives, affirmations, rituals, avoidances -- whatever the tools -- are not working any longer.

The up side to this is that whatever decision you make in whatever area you choose first, the card house of that area will collapse and clear that particular path immediately. Then you get the adventure of exploring the unknown and the uncertain. I presume the lesson to be something about the difference between "letting sleeping dogs lie" and "ignoring the rhinoceros in the room." One is the concept of prudence -- the other is the concept self-sabotage through avoidance. Now, how many loose threads do you see? Are these threads necessary to your fabric -- or merely mucking up the works?

libra SEVEN OF SWORDS. You must be asking yourself lately, "I've gotten this far, right? So far so good, but where the hell is the rest of it?" Well what's your hurry, Libra? You've made some gains, finished up some things, started some new things that are enhancements to or the next step in your progress -- you can even see clearly where you've been as compared to where you've gotten. But if you keep walking forward while looking over your shoulder -- what happens in front of you? You won't know, will you, because you're too busy looking BEHIND you.

Relax, take a moment to congratulate yourself and then buy yourself something fabulous to celebrate your deserved achievement -- whatever that is. Things are balanced. You exited the last season of chaotic stress and frenzied activity and now you can drift along with the tide a bit. You do have nagging little fears of failure in the guise of that little voice that whispers, "what's next? now what? "halt, who goes there?"

The only thing you need to be concerned about, besides that damn photon belt, is trying to enclose your need for recreational dalliance in a more practical and constructive form of expression. The Leos have over-indulged, you have under-indulged and so a bit of indulgence would go a long way toward keeping you facing straight ahead while at the same time giving you something capricious to experience -- in other words -- a balance. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...." (and an ax murderer too, apparently) so go see and be seen for a while, and then see what happens.

scorpio FIVE OF WANDS. Busy are you? If not on the surface of things, then you'd better look beneath everything -- there's a lot going on there that you need to pay attention to, and take part in. You now must enter into the fray. Competition, conflict, confrontation, taking a stand, taking risks --all catalysts for changes that need to be made. You can no longer sit on your laurels, jump someone else's train, or hitch your wagon to anyone else's star. If you start something, you'd better finish it or that ball will be dropped and you'll come up empty. For the next three months it is your time to face the music. Specifically, YOUR music in the various forms of karma, debt-paying, favors owed, promises called upon to be kept, etc. And then there's that damn photon belt which is really throwing some magnetic disturbances into the mix, which is why playing it safe or trying to hide under someone else's wings will slam you up against the very experiences or decisions you are trying to avoid.

Bold action is favored and even if you lose the battle, you'll win some very private wars. You'll get off that fence (especially since it's your neighbor's fence anyway) and take a stand for yourself. However, beware of bluffing, because your bluff will be called so you better have the cards you say you do. More importantly, you better have the cards you THINK you do. You have rivals and perhaps some enemies who are waiting for you to crash and burn, but you also have admirers and fans waiting for you to invite them in. Also, there are some vampiric sorts waiting for you to over-confidently invite them over your threshold. How to figure out who is who? Only by the process of elimination. You have to go through the muck in order to get through it, and even though you might be battle-scarred, you will at least have transformed your life for REAL this time.

sagittarius NINE OF WANDS - Reversed. First let me say that if you other Sagittarian folk haven't already lit a mega 7-day orange candle to attract just about everything you want -- DON'T DO IT -- at least not yet. Not until Autumn at least. That damn photon belt. It sent me spinning last month for jumping the gun. But hey, it was QUITE a Party. But along with and in the wake of the Party comes the reversed Nine of Wands and its associated scenarios -- social intrigues, little deceptive circumstances, unexpected obstacles, annoying disappointments, disputed claims, alarming news, irritating delays, misunderstandings and misread signals -- similar to those irritating Mercury Retrogrades, but nastier.

It will be a busy, hectic, and crowded patch of experience. Your environments will be teeming with intrigues of all sorts, both fun as well as egregious. Just keep leaning back and coasting along, using that damn photon belt (and some positive support from Pluto, that planet of transformative pressure) to catapult your psyche and raise your attunements. At this time, you can present with any personae you choose in response to any situation. You should be able to skirt the surface of any pond while observing the hidden life at the bottom.

You can face challenges and deal with obstacles (and of course there will be plenty) because if you make the effort you can read between all the lines, see the fish below the ice, pick up on all the things people are trying to hide. The most disconcerting thing about riding the intangible tides is seeing through the facades of others direct to their more subconscious motivations -- things that are extremely obvious to you, but thought completely hidden by someone else. This can be enjoyable as well as disillusioning: golden opportunities or insidious manipulation, well-intentioned but misguided actions, vexing maneuvers, foreshadowing of trouble or anticipatory excitement. Rely upon your own silent counsel and the leanings of your gut intuition, and above all, always stand your ground and be perfectly blunt if you have to. In fact, our mantra for the next three months I shall paraphrase from the fab movie All About Eve, ³As always when someone is trying to find out something from me, they tell a lot more than they find out.² This should be used as your compass, fellow Sagittarians!

capricorn PAGE OF CUPS. Dream-weaving. Fantasy manifesting into your reality. Playful nuances infiltrating your ideals without hindering your efforts. Lots of creative people and places to experience and/or work with to explore this nebulous yet still fulfilling phase. This is a delightful time for you. That damn photon belt is placing a mist over your tendency to blueprint a definite route for achievements in your future, so the best thing you can do is relax, have fun, become a symbol of what you want to achieve, become what you wish to attract and give yourself every opportunity to explore a more winsome persona. You've done a lot of hard work and some concrete results are appearing. Your stalwart nature wants more manifestation of reward for your efforts, but this is the time to ENJOY what you have already accomplished. You're entering an unusual phase of experience for the practical, efficient, intellect-oriented Capricorn. Your dreamy, spacey nature wants a part in the play and lucky for you, your social environments should be positively silly with opportunity to do this.

You may find yourself attracted to more ethereal ideas and people. Exploration of different kinds of art or creativity is definitely encouraged. Do something you never thought you'd do, and do it well. There will also evolve many opportunities to work on cherished projects with others -- new and old -- and increase your contacts. This won't be done through traditional and professional venues, you'll find more luck and connection through unexpected, and sometimes downright frivolous venues. If it feels good do it, even if it pains your more pragmatic side. ³We all go a little mad sometimes....²

aquarius TEN OF CUPS - Reversed. You need to rest. You need to do something creative or at least mildly recreational to relieve all that pent up stuff. The tendency is toward a detached depression or generic feeling of loneliness. That damn photon belt is really upping the ante too: Emotional pressures and unpleasant confrontations may loom if you don't pull the plug on some situations now and let what's old and murky drain out of your life. You're shape-shifting into another version of yourself that will propel you into a more hands-on way of running your life and a more intimate way of involving yourself in life.

You've recently accomplished some necessary transformative processes physically, intellectually and spiritually but now you need to finish up with some psychological and emotional stresses, and perhaps some social revitalization is in order as well. As with those Virgos, you need to cut away some pertinent loose ends or tie them up so that they cease to trip you up. Form is not as important as content to you right now, although maintaining a confident and strong form yourself no matter what is raging inside is important.

Self-pampering is what you need. Feel free to redefine your personality -- and as with Sagittarius, use whatever persona you choose in response to any situation -- it will entertain your nature and ease up on the intensity of this phase. Indulge yourself and be assured that this melancholy patch is only temporary -- and is helping you to identify all those people, problems or other THINGS you really want to either redefine in order to evolve or toss out in order to make space for the new. It's your pity-party, do what makes you feel better, and then redecorate something to creatively symbolize your shape-shift toward more enjoyable times.

pisces NINE OF WANDS. If you hold on just a bit longer, you'll be through the tunnel and out on the other side. As you've been traveling through the last six months you've been bounced along as if riding the rapids, or at least tailgating behind that damn photon belt. You've been compelled, propelled and appalled at times, too, all while preparing for the new conditions that the Fates are busy constructing on the other side. This is a time of pressure-cooking and lots of tension under seemingly placid circumstances. Tempest in teapots to be sure, but tempests nonetheless. At this juncture, you may be worn out emotionally. Bitterness or a jaded perspective and cynicism may be filtering into and festering your usually gentle or dreamy Neptunian demeanor. Or, you may have moved bag and baggage into your own fantasy hotel for a while until the rattling around you stops and your nerves are steadier. Whatever the case, you can come out of that cocoon phase as soon as you can tear away that protective encasement.

What then, Pisces? Show yourself off! Show all your selves off (one at a time, of course)! Again, for your sign as with Sagittarius and Aquarius, wield as many different personas as you like at any given moment toward whatever end you wish to achieve. Instead of having multiple personality disorder, you will have multiple personality expertise. It is not the time for you to be passive as you are preparing to recognize and capitalize upon specific opportunities that can alter your current path a bit to one more pleasing or least less ponderous to travel. You will need, however, to actively pursue these opportunities. They won't be handed to you. In fact, nothing will be handed to you -- you will have to ask for it or go after it yourself. Make demands on others and yourself. See that golden carrot dangling in front of you? Well it's not the carrot that you want to have but there is something or someone waiting in the direction it is enticing you to follow. And the fun is in the getting there.