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Notes From The Hip
Ah, Volume III, at long last. Just what you’ve been waiting for. Right?

This last season has proven to be remarkably arduous for the Editors of S.i.H., what with juggling all of our various projects. Two of your humble Editors have made a traumatic move from New Orleans to opposite corners of this silly country. Another has cautiously poked her head out from the shell of hermitdom to be greeted fortuitously by a barking, perky muse. Another Editor is always as busy as a one-armed coat hanger, what with her gadabouting, European travels, and attentions spent on opening S.i.H.’s own nightclub. I’ll bet you had quite given up hope for us!

Oh ye of little faith!

S.i.H. has always touted itself to be a bi-annual publication. Let’s get real. If we say we are now annual, will that ruffle your feathers? We pray for your indulgence. Life carries on behind the scenes, and life can be so tedious, don’t you find?

Be that as it may, we are proud, excited, aroused, and simply brimming with descriptive adjectives about Volume III. Lotsa goodies to be seen, read and experienced. Lotsa talented droogies have given us their drippin’s. Things, sweetie, things!

Your support in the past has been greatly appreciated. We urge you to continue your correspondence. Please feel free to email S.i.H. with your thoughts, dreams, complaints and ego-pets. Life is a dialogue! Say your piece!

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To your health, <CLINK!>
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