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by Kallisti & Mordantia Bat

Suggested Beverage: Wine, of course. Red wine. When in Rome, do as the Claudians do. if you must refrain from red wine for some reason (i.e., you're the designated charioteer or something), of course, the game can be played with another beverage but, for Jove's sake, try to use a goblet or chalice for it!

QUANTITY: It nearly goes without saying that one must drink a GREAT quantity during this game, but in order to save YOU the trouble of running to market after each episode, here is the following breakdown:

    During two afternoon sessions, one of 6 hours and the other of 7, in which the first session had 2 participants and the second had 3, we drank three bottles of wine (red) during session #1, and 5 bottles during session #2, for a total quantity of 8 bottles for the entire marathon, with a rough breakdown of approximately 2.67 bottles of red wine consumed by each participant throughout. So there.

For each "quaff count" below, quaff the wine like the characters do at their banquets -- a decent swig. No dainty little sips like you're afraid your wine might be poisoned or something.

1 quaff for:

  • Banishments in General
  • Executions in General
  • Suicide in General
  • Adultery in General
  • Orgies

2 quaffs for:

  • Murders & Assassinations in General
  • Poisonings in Particular
  • Incest
  • Omens and Sibyls

3 quaffs for:

  • Assassinations/Poisoning of Emperors (w/accompanying appropriate food if poisoned-- see below)
  • Banishment of Julia
  • Starvation of Livilla
  • Livia Becoming a Goddess
  • The Winner of Messalina and Sylla's Contest

Many quaffs (drain that goblet!) for:

  • That --uh-- thing Caligula does at the end of Episode 9 "Zeus, By Jove" (we don't want to give it away if you've never seen the series before.)
  • "Not my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Eat a Fig for:

  • Poisoning by Fig

Eat a Mushroom for:

  • Poisoning by Mushroom


  • Hum "Let's Do the Time Warp Again" at the first appearance on screen of Livilla and of Nero
    (Agrippinilla's son -- don't be thrown off by the many other characters who have Nero tacked onto their name somewhere) You deserve ten gold stars for knowing why.
  • Yell "Make it so" at Sejanus at some point.
  • Brandish Boiled Asparagus for: You'll know.

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