Notes From The Hip
Willkommen an dem erste Ausgabe von "Suffering Is Hip"! This is the flagship publication of Sepulchritude, an online, CD-ROM publishing and graphic design company, located simultaneously in both New Orleans and San Francisco.

This magazine is brought to you by the twisted souls who also gave you the 'zine (both online and pulpy) Sins of Coffee, the fiction anthologies of the Brainchild Series, the beautiful and informative Chapel Perilous and have otherwise emerged from time to time in darker scenes and 'zines you may have come across.

"Suffering Is Hip" is a bi-annual periodical which seeks to ennoble the lush, enigmatic, vitriolic, sepulchral & bizarre in Art & Literature -- to take a mocking and introspective look at itself and its often vernacular society, and to blithely masticate, eviscerate and mutilate many codes and norms.

"Suffering Is Hip" is written, designed and published by Sepulchritude. We are a chatty bunch, and encourage dialogue. Please email us your thoughts for we believe accessibility and interactivity are good things, no matter what others may say.

Ah but labels -- what do people see in them? What do they say? Not nearly as much as Content, so let's away to the foyer, you & I, and see what's on the table...

have suffered

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