"All art is quite useless."
--Oscar Wilde

by the Marquis Déjà Dû & Kallistí
at Monaghan's, Rue Conti
(on bar napkins, no less!)

The Scream shaves in the morning.

Censored Scream.

The Scream on the rollercoaster.

The Scream gets a bad haircut.

The Scream finds a hair in his salad.

The Scream eats it anyway.

Later that night...

Kallistí is born from the regurgitated hair salad
(much to Nicole Kidman's consternation).

Nicole Kidman upon hearing the news.

The Scream tries drag.
(It's a She-Scream)

The Scream's Second Grade class photo.

The Scream finally shuts up.