HorrorScopes Forecast for the Autumnal Equinox, 1997

Everything is new and forming, shifting and metamorphosing -- everything is also chaotic and highly charged. Every sign is beckoned to by the Pan Pipe to go on adventures of some sort. For some, all bets are off and it's going to be a bumpy yet exhilarating ride. For others, you hold some key cards and the betting is just beginning -- how WILL you play your hand?

We're all being challenged through uncertainty, excitement, seduction and the unknown to raise our various auric, psychic, spiritual, intellectual, physical -- WHAT EVER -- vibrations without raising our dreary and thus limiting 3-D expectations. "The only thing constant is change" could be the buzz phrase for this Autumnal season. Tarot cards from the Major Arcana that specifically resonate are the Magician, the Wheel of Fortune, the Chariot and the Moon. Think of them as doorways -- and what's behind them anyway? And are they all interconnected as well, like a labyrinth or maze?

Autumn is definitely a charged season and it should be a charmed adventure for everyone, whatever the manifest guise.

See you on the other side!

Melusine de Nuit

bullet ARIES bullet LIBRA
bullet TAVRVS bullet SCORPIO
bullet CANCER bullet CAPRICORN
bullet LEO bullet AQVARIVS
bullet VIRGO bullet PISCES

MARCH 21 thru APRIL 20
Aries What did we learn? Saturn is retrograde in Aries, so again I inquire: What did we just learn? For this Autumn Season, you are your own report card. Various types of storms have been weathered, inner crisises and private paradoxes have dutifully manifested in your outer relationships -- this is especially true for you Aries folk who are going through a Saturn return. I regret to say there's no light at the end of the tunnel but that's only because you are NOT IN A TUNNEL. You're in an unfamiliar place with a map you don't know how to read. Well, here's a "compass" to assist you in following the new map: The lines between profundity and absurdity are becoming blurred for a time.

Be aware that Saturn retrograde releases some of the energetic intensity of your challenges and lessons, and this gives you some breathing space. It's a sort of cosmic recess for you right now, but here is a caution -- obsession and addiction come in many forms and designs, and just because Saturn is retrograde doesn't mean Neptune isn't going to slip something nebulous and feathery into your psyche to lead you on a useless detour. Contrary to the archetypal standard, not every white rabbit should be followed because sometimes you just get left standing in a barren field surrounded by horse manure. Or some such analogy.

By the way, the map is NOT a treasure map, and it's not the end of the adventure that's pertinent -- it's the travel itself.
APRIL 21 thru MAY 21
taurus You have an interesting choice before you. Your life this Autumn Season will make you feel lonely, confused, frustrated, uncertain and unstable. Your first choice presents something like this: You can resent these precarious feelings and do whatever it takes to return to a familiar state of comfort, stability, reassurance and grounding. Find your safe harbor, your trusty anchor, a metaphoric womb to return to for a time.

Or you can choose the metaphor of facing a trip in a raft through the white water rapids even though you don't EVEN remember signing up for this trip. The trip is going to be bumpy, unsteady, possibly frightening, and you will become drenched and uncomfortable by the time it's over. But there is also the exhilaration, excitement, and adrenaline rush of adventure underneath all that precariousness. Where will you end up, and how? There is absolutely no telling.

If you choose the Womb Return, you will come through the Autumn in the archetypal reborn sort of way. Very legitimate, very essential Taurean. Some things may even resolve for you, or else you will emerge stronger to resolve those uncomfortable life elements you originally shied away from.

If you choose the rapids trip -- you won't be comforted or stable or even very grounded -- but you certainly won't be bored or boring. And you never know what new and fantastic comforts, structures, relationships, or successes are awaiting at the end of such a wild ride. To paraphrase on a delicious Mae West remark: When deciding between two temptations, I always choose the one I've never tried before."
MAY 22 thru JVNE 21
gemini The Fates are really bitchy toward you lately. That's because the Muses are caressing you with their subtle influence, manipulating your powers of creativity and ingenuity. Thus, this Autumn Season the Fates will be tormenting your manifest world. Happenstance will be challenging you, maybe even frightening you -- so be forewarned that all familiar structures are wobbling, and all bets are off. It's always a trade, you know. And since you are the Duality Conundrum of the Zodiac, you of ALL people should understand both sides of the paradox, as well as how to locate that point in the middle where both sides meet and become enlightenment and resolution.

There are many Geminis who will do the upper realm thang, and others who will prefer the manifest world thang. The cosmos currently favors those who choose the upper realm thang, but that's only because of the energetic configurations and planetary influences. It's not a matter of right choice or wrong choice. The following applies to any Gemini for the next three months: To gain new creative power you have to relinquish the power to manipulate and control your manifest world. If you choose to achieve more power to manipulate and control your manifest world, you will relinquish control of your creative inspiration to the whims of the cranky Fates. You cannot and will not be able to do both. If you try, you will soon be exploring the more clinical version of Multiple Personality Disorder, or be laughed at.

Remember that the brightest creativity comes from the murkiest chaos so if you really want those new vistas, if you focus on wielding your powers of persuasion towards achieving your loftier ambitious, then you have to acknowledge that your mundane world will go to hell in a handbasket. The up-side to this is that you will be able to use your enhanced creativity and increased ingenuity to sustain your BASIC survival foundations, while allowing the inessential, or more importantly, the outworn elements of certain structures to fall away. And this query pertains to both the Manifest Seeking Gems, and the Lofty Seeking Gems: You don't want fresh genius and subtly amplified power to be squeezed into that tired old packaging, do you?
JVNE 22 thru JVLY 23
cancer You've got a treasure map. It's easy to read, and you pretty much know what treasure you want to look for and have even plotted out a fairly good path to getting it. So what's the catch? Easter Eggs. Every Spring many people dye eggs in assorted pastel colors and hide them in weird places and lots of eager underlings run around trying to find the most. Whoever finds the most eggs wins and gets another weird pastel prize.

Metaphorically speaking, what you are is an underling looking for pastel Easter eggs during Autumn and you actually have a map telling you where they are. But what you are hung up on is schedules, appropriateness, semantics, whatever. This is sapping your effervescence and delaying your hunt. Those dreary practical arguments of: "It's the wrong time of year for Easter," "Eggs are not normally pastel colors," and the inevitable, "I don't believe in the Easter Bunny." Who cares? You have a map, you have a basic plan, you have the underling vibe going -- so why ARE you stalling with logic when Cancers are supposed to vehicle themselves by intuition and emotion?

You're trying to be the opposite of what you are in essence because the Universe is telling you to look for pastel colored eggs in weird places in the middle of Autumn. So Cancer, why not at least PRETEND to be that underling using your map and jaunting about trying to capture the most eggs so you can achieve that weird pastel prize. For the next three months I sayeth this: If you pretend long enough, eventually it will become REAL.
JVLY 24 thru AVGVST 23
leo Your thoughtforms have a very loud pattern lately. "Me me me, the world is me, and I am the center of the universe, which is also me." But it's all about the other people in your life right now. You are a part of the scintillating entourage instead of the reason for the entourage. It just happens in the cosmos every now and again. To over-assert your endless fabulousness is to offend opportunities away from your lair of success. Relax. Dignity doesn't have to be boorish.

From now until the Winter Solstice, different vistas to explore will beckon, fresh opportunities will develop, and progress in many areas of your life can be steadily achieved -- through others and your association/cooperation with them. However, this does not imply a parasitic clinging to the chariots of others as they head for the stars. It merely implies you must discipline into silence that "It's a Me Kind of a World" perspective, because right now it's a "We Kind of a World."

This is an excellent time to nurture new ambitions, new associations and new projects. Such cultivation can prove invigorating if you try rewiring that magnetic charisma toward diligent effort instead prowling for fans to give your autograph to.
virgo The outer world beckons you. All things, people and places that are shiny, new, exciting and pretty inspire you to take a blind leap into their glittering fray. But you are feeling ambivalent, detached, perhaps a little self-protective. This Autumn Season finds you reserved and contemplative while there is a super-charged and busy environment buzzing around you, practically nagging you to follow the pan pipe and leave your responsibilities behind. What's the hesitation? Yours is not the pause that refreshes, it's the pause that refers. Your analytical, critical, detailed mind refers constantly to past experiences, past lessons, past successes and past failures in an attempt to reflect back old perceptions that quite simply don't apply to all the fresh things, people, places that wink at you from new horizons.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the lures will only get more alluring and eventually you should succumb to some kind of seduction, whether romantic, sexual, social, financial, or merely frivolous. Your nature is aching to cut loose and do something uncharacteristically capricious and irresponsible.

This Season you should endeavor to explore sides of yourself that you've always kept under tight, logical rein. Look at each situation that confronts you and causes you to pause and reflect -- then do the exact opposite of what your better judgment tells you to do. This doesn't mean that every experience will yield fame and fortune, a fabulous love affair, pot of gold or some kind of epiphany, but it does mean that you'll have FUN dammit, and not the kind of fun that you can categorize, logically analyze or even pretend is for the good of self and country. Have fun like you don't think anyone is watching. Have fun like you don't think YOU are watching.

It's no great tragedy if you go along diligently resisting, because the eventual surrender to fun will be all the more wild and sweet to experience. And of course the mantra for your Autumn Season is that ever-popular Borg refrain: "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."
libra Ahh -- balance. Ahh -- the golden middle. Ahh -- the serene juxtaposition of opposites. Ahh -- that's not going to be your Autumn Season, my dears. What you did in the Summer Season is make a subtle or even a not so subtle shift in your life to better the quality of your life in some way. This is not necessarily the financial aspect of quality, but quality in relation to whatever the Fates proffer in the guise of opportunity and advancement. This shift has already tipped your smooth, balance-oriented scales into overload. But it's a DELICIOUS overload. You will be so busy, so pressured, so overwhelmed with THINGS that you'll feel all disoriented and frazzled. You will also feel a wild and strange exhilaration, and a looming decadent satisfaction underlying all your fresh objectives and pursuits. A giddy, "Well I've had myself SUCH a DAY," sort of a refrain will whisper behind your hectic thoughts.

Enjoy the ride -- it will probably last straight through the Winter Season as well, but in Winter, instead of leading the charge, you will be following a more subdued charge. The unpredictability of Autumn will gradually, and probably imperceptibly transmute to a more comfortable groove of overload. So the Libra equilibrium will return, but it will be a balance underneath the surface chaos and you'll have to look there for it.

In the meantime, slip some fun and frolic into your whirlwind scheme because that can be just as exhilarating as the other overload without the stress factor. You might not even notice the difference between the two, but your inner nature will be grateful for the recreation. All work and no play sends the pied piper away, and what good is a life without dancing?
scorpio You're currently being challenged to make the most of yourself and to enhance what you already feel you've achieved with your life. But you don't WANT to have to try -- you want enhancement and accolades handed to you on a silver platter. Well, the Sun and Mercury are getting ready to drench your sign with opportunity and luck, and Mars and Venus just left a trail of private or public joy in their wake, so you're kind of complacent and that is indeed justified -- but only for a moment. Alas, those dratted outer planets are going to sideswipe you if you think you can sit on a throne and have servants cater to your every whim. You'll find that a throne can be dull and ordinary when social politics come into the scheme, and all the uncertainty, excitement and glamour of participation will avoid you while you play Overlord of the Mundane.

You've got competition everywhere and they sense that you're feeling self-absorbed and lazy. Every inner nemesis will manifest in your interactions outside of you, and your worst fears are going to step in and steal your thunder.

So get off your slothful, "What have you done for ME lately," butt and work at it. Promote yourself, but do it with grace and dignity instead of with a vapid conspicuousness or wielding a stinger. Don't threaten, try cajoling. It's a FUN thing, not an "I want what they've got" thing. Oscar Wilde has some words of wisdom for you to chant whenever you fall into the mindset of, How Can I Lazily Manipulate this Situation to MY Advantage Without Actual Effort: "It often happened that when we thought we were experimenting on others we were really experimenting on ourselves."

The time for experimenting is over. The time for exertion is now.
sagittarius Beyond the Valley of the Dolls -- that Russ Meyer masterpiece has the perfect mantra this Autumn Season for all born under this sign, (courtesy the fabulous Z-Man): "It's my happening and if freaks me out!"

Everything is happening in Sagittarius it seems, and more stuff is to follow once the Sun and Mercury are through seducing Scorpio. You're not chasing tornadoes, or even watching them, you're right smack in the center of all of it -- the movement, the people ,and the metaphorical debris whirling around your environment. When you blink, there are swift, subtle alterations in your manifest world -- So don't you DARE close your eyes too long or you might miss something!

This Autumn Season you'll find that doors of opportunity in romance, sex, career, creativity, social status, WHAT-EVER, are flying open at a mere glance. Even when you manage to pause in the upper realms in order to catch your metaphysical breath, you'll still observe windows and doors leading to undisclosed vistas and lifestyles -- they may only SEEM closed, but that's merely to keep out the rabble. A slight nudge by you and they'll open with a welcoming fanfare.

Basically, you can go anywhere, do anything, take any chances, try any new ambition, and you have carte blanche from the Cosmos. Even the Fates are ignoring you because you are currently ablaze with the power to manipulate your own fate, and they can't say BOO about it. However, your power is subject to the whims of other influences -- Uranus and Neptune will throw some intriguing diversions and sudden but bizarre changes into the already hectic mix.

The only dreary aspect to all this mind-boggling activity is actually a rewarding aspect. Pluto, in cahoots with other planetary and energetic cooperation, is giving your subconscious a chance for accelerated purging, so go ahead with this Purge Project as well. It's a cleansing of your psyche: a beneficial time to clean out that inner closet of old issues, needless boundaries, ridiculous limitations, stale personality accessories, murky protective veils, unnecessary psychological ornaments, you know all the Therapy-Speak that applies. Draw out the poison, dump it down the drain after neutralizing it, refresh yourself, and GO PLAY.

Things will, as with the tides, eventually wane and drop you back into a more grounded and focused way of living. And you get another mantra to join with Z-man's above: One must LIVE life in order to HAVE life -- and right through the Autumn Season you are definitely one of the HAVES.
capricorn Something good is looming -- you can feel it, sense it, almost taste and smell it. You want to reach out and touch it, grasp it and reel it in so you can actually SEE it in your manifest world. The Moon and Neptune have heightened your psychic sensitivities while your essential Capricorn nature has been busy plodding away -- experiencing a sort of "structured chaos." And how the HELL do you do it?!? You are the only sign I know that can become absorbed into, endure and actually come out on top of everything by creating a STRUCTURED CHAOS in any area of your life that you are focused on. It's brilliant. It's bizarre. It definitely leaves you holding all the Aces with the bets just beginning.

The paradox of the above is that because you sense the sweet fruit of success looming on an as yet indecipherable horizon, you could be feeling a little frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed and stymied. This is a nebulous and illusory energy slipping into your psyche -- it is NOT a reality you are facing. This is an important distinction you need to make or you could unwittingly perform subtle acts of self-sabotage.

You need to return to sensing the present. What's underneath the structured chaos that is also caressing your higher sensibilities? Remind yourself, (yes, that's REMIND, not merely reassure) that your achievements are indeed going to arrive. Cease impatiently trying to push the envelope, with your attention riveted toward the future. You are probably missing quintessential "building blocks" that are strewn about in your present. These building blocks are somehow necessary to propelling you toward the future that you will be achieving.

And here's a weird mantra that popped into my psyche just for you Capricorns: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, unless they want OUT of the glass house. In which case, shatter that damn thing with all your heretofore unnoticed building blocks and then stroll casually but gleefully toward any horizon you want to conquer."
aquarius This Autumn Season you will be cleaning up after a healing crisis. The Tower card in the Tarot, to be more picturesque. This is Uranus shaking up your various worlds, and other influences coaxing or even battering you into making dramatic changes in your life. This unceremonious bursting of a number of self-deceptive bubbles of rosy poesy realities will restore your heretofore submerged Aquarian nature. But don't spend too much time cleaning up. All you really have to do is let go. Sweep it aside. Let the winds of change carry the clutter away for you. You've got Big Daddy Jupiter lounging around in your sign, patiently waiting for you to ask for something. Ask for a LOT of things. He's your sugar daddy right now for hell's sake and he's feeling a little neglected while you agonize over the dirty dishes.

Once you give in to the new undercurrent that is buzzing around you, you will begin to slowly enhance your life. You will also find your new path littered with a variety of rewards for being compelled to evolve, as opposed to accepting the status quo. Accepting the status quo is against the very nature of Aquarius, so why were you doing it? You saw the gold ring but you were content with the tarnished brass one. That "be thankful for what I've got" and "I'm counting my blessings" mentality had you hoodwinked. You fell for the subtle influence of the group mind and resisted your own yearning and propensity for the unique, bizarre, unconventional and oblique.

Look sweeties, you're the metaphysical freaks of the Zodiac and I mean that in the most envious way. Now is the time to join the metaphysical circus. Or start your own damn circus. Make yourself over into the star you've always wanted to be in whatever way you interpret the word "star." Go ye forth and prosper and conquer and have fun, and be sure to laugh hysterically when someone offers you their "status quo" version of unique. Wielding your own brand of "unique" shall charm, enthrall, please, seduce and no doubt frighten new people, new places and fresh opportunities into your life.

To paraphrase on my all time favorite movie, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," here's your Autumn mantra: "...And I wear the pants in this family because SOMEONE's got to, but I am NOT A MONSTER."
pisces While you're trying to amaze and thrill people with various sleight of hand tricks, they've been focusing on how the trick is actually done. In other words, the only people you're fooling are all those people inside of you. Neptune is vicious that way. But all the planetary influences are waiting for you to take the glimmering bait they have placed in your path. You hear the phrase, "Join ussss, join usss," and you think it's a snake but the snake is actually knowledge and so on and so on. Like Cancer, you're getting caught up in semantics (so to speak, as it were).

Doors are opening for you, but you're afraid of being trapped behind them. That's another Neptunian illusion. What your really afraid of is the unknown. Remember, if you don't like the door you go through, leave and try another. You CAN do that in life, you know. Right now the Fates adore you. They are waving at you -- practically shouting at you to take some risks, to allow them to whisk you away into the whirl and crush -- to experience the fantastic.

So why not pause (but only for a moment), chart yourself a new course, and take the plunge into the exciting manifest realities that are beckoning. Pretend you're an Adventurer adventuring instead of a Magician performing stock-in-trade sleight of hand. Pretend you're a busy, glamorous socialite instead of a wooden puppet waiting for a magic fairy to make you alive. Pretend your life HAS changed and watch how change actually manifests in the form of prosperity, passion, creative inspiration and excitement.

There's a lot of activity buzzing around you, as with most other signs this Autumn Season --it's in the Cosmos -- it's the way of the world right now. Yet there you are getting lost again in your own private Idaho. And how can you get lost somewhere that you've been living for so long? Go somewhere new. Taste something new. Feel something new. Do something completely new and different. Try a different method. Try ANYTHING just so long as it isn't the same old thing.

It's a simple refrain for you from Rocky Horror Picture show: "Don't dream it; be it."