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bulletCOLLAPSINGsilence: The Butoh Dance Troupe

bulletRocket Man: Industrial Rocket Sculpture by Jimmy Descant

bulletCHAPTER XIII: Let Them Eat Prose

bulletFragrant Poesies: Verse, sweetie, Verse ...


bulletPoe Fest 1998: Happy Birthday Edgar!

bulletDrinking With Thine Enemies: A Society Column

bulletDetritus Maximus: On The Steps Of Versailles

bulletClassics Digest: Epic Works for Busy Bees

bulletLit-Libs: Interactive Mastication of all Our Faves

bulletAsk Auntie Anguish: Said The Spider To The Fly

bulletNecro-Nerds: Accolades, Reviews & Complaints

bulletWord Whores: Lexical Paramnetics

bulletThe Scream : aux Serviettes Comiques

bulletHorrorscopes: What you always feared ...

bulletThe Déjà Deck: Online Tarot Reading

bulletThe S.i.H. Reading List: Required Reading

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