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The “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf” Drinking Game
by Marquis Déjà Dû
Get some friends together, rent the movie, stock the bar, print out this chart, and wallow in the depths of fantastic misery!
(April 2003)

Sepulchritude's Krazy Kocktailz
by Le Marquis Déjà Dû flexes his bartending muscle and proffers a few recipes for some curious libations. Read 'em, mix 'em, drink 'em — entirely at your own peril.
(June 2002)

Hanky Panky with Genevieve at the Crack Whore Ball
Melusine goes out on the town in New Orleans, yet again.
(May 2002)

Razor Blade Smile
Film Review of something really baaaad w/ video extractions. (Feb 2001)

Political Musings
& Voting Tips

For the Disaffected,
Apathetic, Mischievous
& Apolitical. (Oct 2000)

Not My Head!!!!
The "I, Claudius" Drinking
Game & Debacle

by Mordantia Bat &
Kallisti (vol III, 1999)

Bats: A Personal Essay on the Order of Chiroptera with Parenthetical Tangents
by Mordantia Bat (vol III, 1999)


Interview: Photos
by Trik 2303

by Marquis Déjà Dû (vol III, 1999)

Interview: The Viscera of Anna Noelle Rockwell
by Kallisti (vol II, 1998)

The Japanese art of spicing up your sex life by putting a puppet on your winky.
by Marquis Déjà Dû & others (vol II, 1998)

COLLAPSING silence: Butoh Dance Troupe
by Melusine de Nuit (vol I, 1997)

Rocketman: Interstellar Art
by Jimmy Descant

by Kallisti (vol I, 1997)


Getting Organized on Cellelofrates
by David Ross
(June 2002)

The Harlot's Epitaph
by Mordantia Bat
(May 2002)

Aburditas es Fortis Nostrum
by Kallisti (vol III, 1999)

Picnic at the Monster Truck Show
by Marquis Déjà Dû (vol III, 1999)

Bon Appétit
by Faison LaMoore (vol II, 1998)

The All But Kung-Fu Class
by Ben Ohmart (vol II, 1998)

Vampire Support Group
by Mordantia Bat (vol II, 1998)

Tea at the Dollhouse
by Marquis Déjà Dû (vol I, 1997)

The Smell of Men
by Mordantia Bat (vol I, 1997)


Quixotic Oblique
by Mordantia Bat (January 2003)

The Flip Side of Being an Oracle
by Mordantia Bat (July 2001)

Three Poems
by A.B. Druwelyn (October 2000)

Delusions of Prudence
For Tomorrow Ye Die
by Christian Maitland-Smith
(October 2000 & May 2001)

Armageddon: A Pathogen
by Mordantia Bat (vol III, 1999)

To Push Away or Clutch
by Clint Catalyst (vol II, 1998)

An Attempt to Be Imperfect
by Ben Ohmart (vol II, 1998)

Fragrant Poesies
by Mordantia Bat (vol I, 1997)



Sophie Wright Place
by Marquis Déjà Dû (vol II, 1998)



"rewriting the classics"

Classics Digest: Life’s New Orleans’ Little Instruction Book
by Marquis Déjà Dû (November, 2002)

Classics Digest: Titus Andronicus
by Marquis Déjà Dû (vol III, 1999)

Classics Digest: Wagner's The Valkyrie
by Marquis Déjà Dû (vol II, 1998)

Classics Digest: les Liaisons Dangereuses
by Marquis Déjà Dû (vol I, 1997)

Classics Digest: Love Story (à la Erich Segal)
by Melusine de Nuit (March 2001)

Classics Digest: Camille-A Second Take
by Maya Cantu (June 2001)


Poe Fest
A separate section of literature and art in tribute to Edgar.



BOOK WHORE Reading List
by Kallisti (August 2001)



where you can take a peek into our tawdry and miserable existences

Melusine's Diaries
Dark Raving Delights (on Diaryland)
Hespeth (on LiveJournal)

Le Marquis' Journals
LiveJournal and archives of his old diary.

Bat's Blog/Journal: Extispicy
Misspent Youth Photogallery
Various pix and anecdotes



The fine art of embittered correspondence

Drinking with Thine Enemies
by Melusine de Nuit & Others
(vol III, 1999)

Drinking With Thine Enemies
by Melusine de Nuit (vol II, 1998)

Drinking With Thine Enemies I
by Melusine de Nuit (vol I, 1997)


(a good rant is worth a thousand pickled onions)

The Mimes Have It
by Melusine de Nuit (vol III, 1999)

by ShanMonster (vol II, 1998)

Iron Corset
by Mordantia Bat (vol I, 1997)

The Deja Deck
by Marquis Déjà Dû
online tarot readings

The Goth Hanky Code
by Joseph & Terrance Graven
(vol II, 1998)


by Melusine de Nuit
(Fall/Winter 2003)

Superstitions for the Stars

by Melusine de Nuit
(Winter 2002)

Horrorscopes IV
by Melusine de Nuit
(Spring/Summer 2002)

Horrorscopes III
by Melusine de Nuit (vol III, 1999)

Horrorscopes II
by Melusine de Nuit (vol II, 1998)

Horrorscopes I
by Melusine de Nuit (vol I, 1997)

Lit-Libs II
by You (vol II, 1998)

by You (vol I, 1997)



Necro Nerd Awards II
(vol II, 1998)

Necro Nerd Awards
by Phunkee Phresh Prince of Darkness & the Ugli Duchesse (vol I, 1997)

The Scream: aux Serviettes Comiques
by Marquis Déjà Dû & Kallisti (vol I, 1997)

Word Whores - Logomachy
by Marquis Déjà Dû & Bat (Nov 2003)

Word Whores
by Editors (vol I, 1997)

Winter Reading List II
by (vol II, 1998)

Winter Reading List
by (vol I, 1997)


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