The blend of science and emotion. This is the best King in the deck, in my humble opinion. He has a formidable intellectual capacity and most freqently understands situations and people on many, many levels due to his alarmingly apt intuitive talents. He is the kind of King who figures things out for himself, who is always expanding his horizons, and who looks up a word he doesn’t know when encountering it in a novel.

If male, this is you. Though methodical and precise in your assessment of situations and people, you are far from cold, for the ‘waterdrops’ being poured into your cup consist of gin. You can be as loopy as you wish and it doesn’t detract from your perceptive skills.

If female, and you encounter the King of Waterdrops, you should really date/marry/fuck him this instant for he’s quite a catch and will do you a world of good just by being in his company.