An eternal bond (or longstanding, in these godless days). The Lovers get their power and enrichment from each other. And this particular union will prove to be very significant. The flower I picked circa 1976 and pressed in a book when I was a wee little Marquis indeed. It represents a stretched expanse of time.

If courting, this card gives you the go-ahead — hell, it’s shoving you down the gangplank. If currently enjoying the favours of a loved one, this card reminds you that it is from this significant other where you receive your power, happiness and contentment. If you’re having a rocky time with this person, the card is asking you to remember just why you got into this in the first place. It is not necessary to end anything now.

I have also done readings where this card showed up and the Querant had no applicable love-interests. In such cases, the card represents the durability of established people or things. A quick jog down memory lane might do you a world of good. Or just go to a second hand store and buy some old clothes.