The Basilisk
By David A. Ross
A dark, stilted spoof.

By Darin Pratt
A parody of the serious and intricate nature of Poe's characters and plots

The Raven
Quoth the browser, "404".
By Turner Morgan
Poe may never forgive Turner for this version.

Final Appeal
How could we have a Poe Fest without a few aberrant burials? Here's one, told in a letter. By Jason LaVertue

Reading the Entrails
A Parable for Edgar.
By Mordantia Bat

Petroleum Jelly
A Tale of bitter irony ... BITTER IRONY! by the Marquis Déjà Dû

The Call
"I'm not a killer at heart. I'm a clown, and pretty good at it." by Richard Logsdon

Mindful Mania
Delving into Poe's Black Box

A Mini Epic Tragedy ... in Verse. By JeM

Broken Dreams
A Poem of Death's Sweet Longing... By Morella Velora

Myrdin's Boxes
A Hauntingly Spooky Story ... By Ennui


The Faces of Poe
A compilation of some portraits and daguerreotypes of Poe.

The Neverclock
A silly Flash animation. (requires Flash to be viewed.)

Antique Illustrations from the Works of Poe



Never Bet the Devil
Your Head



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What is a Poe Fest?

Poe Fest has been a feature of "Suffering is Hip" and Sepulchritude since 1998 when the section premiered in celebration of Edgar's birthday on January 19 of that year.

We present here stories, poems, art, articles — anything! — in tribute to Poe. We will dance the dance of the Red Death, we will purloin the letter, we will embrace the inevitable Ourang-Outang.


poe card

January 19, 2005
Edgar Allan Poe Day card

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