Mindful Mania:
Delving into Poe's Black Box

by JeM

The full moon casts an eerie, ashen glow
Turrets, shadowed, outlined in blood-bathed beams
Black midnight waves, outstretched, swallow the sky in halves
Submerged neath the blood-red oceanic expanse
Hellatious Descension within Insanity's melodramatic hidden chamber
A world where sovereign coldness guillotines light, betrayed

All Hail! The Dark Avatars of deathly disease
Pestilences of Shattered heart and Broken soul
Attack! Ravish! Plunder mortal frames
Tombstones of torment, sepulchre of decay

Sentimental atrocities spill o'er
As dying embers last testament to the previous eve's debauch
Demonic exultations of agony, secured
Amid taut and twisted reign, suspending black imagination
Infestation of mind, annihialtion of life

Maniacal whirlwinds feed on bestial madness
Impulses of perversity, helmsmen to the soul
Most Merciful and Most Terrible God
Air out the musty stench of thoughts-turned-sour
Lest Dark Angels of Demise rush to poison Blinded Eyes.

About the Author:
Many thrive in the light... Who would want to be one of many, a member of the herd? I revel in the shadows... I feel a peculiar sense of peace from dusk's rapid approach till the hour the moon sets... I am a student, young and still a bit wet behind the ears. No matter what my occupation, though, I shall always see myself as a student of life. Corny as it sounds, it is the dark undercurrents of life that I am drawn to. I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my world.

Granted, this poem is rather dark and dreary... I wrote it the eve of his birthday, while trying to imagine Poe's frame of mind when he penned some of my favorite night-time reading....


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