(Either the fellow is mad, or he is composing verses)

Le Marquis Déjà Dû resides in a pink elephant of a house, yclept “Château Bimbeaux”, in the Garden District of New Orleans. He keeps copious notes about the strange, wonderful, awful and filthy things in his life through his online diaries.

In his increasingly rare spare time, he plunks away at mid-19th century classical piano that often soars above his modest training, creates fascinating retro-techno paintings on old windows which occasionally pop up in local galleries, brews absinthe, though his failing liver prohibits immodest tooting of it, and designs web pages on the side for people and causes that are in accordance with his strange set of æsthetics.

To keep ramen on the table, he is a bartender at two hip French Quarter bars. You should come and visit him. He runs a pretty loose ship.

He is a mess of contradictions — He likes sunlight, but only if he can stay out of it. He can be childish, yet loathes children. He is single, yet he is not looking for a mate. He hears voices in his head, yet ignores them. He hates bananas, yet he is never hesitant to … oh, nevermind.

He is most dangerously fascinating, don’t you find?
Email: marquis@sepulchritude.com
Home URL: Château Pernod

Fiction, Editorial Brü-ha-ha,
Sound Editing, Graphic Design