Kallistí is a Sunflower, not a Wallflower.

Kallistí (along with The Marquis Déjà Dû) has forsaken the swampy nether coast in New Orleans in pursuit of a more lucrative career in her home province, The San Francisco Bay Area. A perpetual student of the cabal of Art and its history, her illustrations and designs have graced the pages of various publications, and even been made into rubber stamps. Though mostly they sit in crumbling, dusty ol’ portfolios under her desk. She also is a Web Aesthete & Stylist, with her brainchild, S.i.H. being the latest example. Although she's been recently heard to grumble that she hates art, doesn't like people very much, and just wants to be left alone.

She recently tried her hand at a new career in a parfumerie, but was disgruntled at the limited market value of scents such as Maison Noire (Eau de Old Rotting Southern Mansion, complete with mildew, and scent of Gramma's underware) & 80's Nite Club (Cloves, cigarrettes, booze & cheap faggy cologne). The Marquis, on the otherhand, thought the odors fortifying, and was frequently mistaken for the rotten Garden District Mansion next door, while sporting Maison Noire.

Kallistí has an undying penchant for Dead Women & Severed Heads, and the art and history pertaining to such, as her home web site can attest. In reference to her passion for things deceased she argues environment over genetics, and points to the “pet” mummy (peruvian), aptly named George, she cosseted as a small child in the inner vaults of her father’s museum. As if that weren’t enough, at age 8 when given the choice of being something from the Middle Ages during a summer camp fete, she promptly smeared campfire soot on her face, announcing gleefully that she was the Black Death. Her parents are archaeologists & nationally renowned cemetery historians.

She still doesn't like people very much.

Email: kallisti@sepulchritude.com
Home URL: The Chapel Perilous

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