The Mistress of Melancholy Humours


Mordantia Bat has spent her life ascending the ladder of the seven deadly sins. Let’s recap, shall we? She was born from (and soon indulged in) Lust, and her gait does not slacken to this day. Her quest for establishment (or at least nodding acknowledgement) as one of the latter 20th century’s premier underground writers has fed her sense of Avarice and Vanity. Her besotted Muse requires her to irreverently (or irrelevantly) consume great portions of merlot on a nearly daily basis. (H-E-L-L-O! Gluttony!) She would very much like to try a stab at Wrath; however, her current Sloth prevents such a strenuous effort. And the seventh sin, of course, is her trademark, and in it she works like Van Gogh in oils: Capriciousness.

[Bat wishes to briefly editorialize: Although she appreciates the lovely biography the Marquis so amicably wrote for her — as Sloth prevented her from attempting to encapsulate her essence herself — she wishes to point out that Capriciousness is not technically one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It’s one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. No. Really.]

[[The Marquis, in return, wishes to inform the Mlle. Bat that while he is aware that Capriciousness is not technically one of the sins outlined by Dante so many moons ago, he wagered that had she written the above blurb herself, she would have moulded literature to serve her own purposes. It is, in fact, this point, among others, that endears Mlle. Bat to the Marquis.]]


The above bio on this page hasn't been updated in years.   Except for the reference to the 20th century, it really is still not technically out-of-date.  After all, the above didn't trouble itself with providing any pesky real biographical details that might get in the way.

Bat has been avoiding writing a straight bio for any 'zine she's been published in or worked on for at least a couple of decades now.   More of Bat's work can be found on her Bat Cafe site -- there, her more recent projects mingle with reprinted artifacts from the days when she wielded a saddle-stapler with zeal.  As the only one of the four Sepulchritude editors who has never moved to New Orleans at some point, she stubbornly still remains in San Francisco, where she was born and has lived most of her life. 

Further biographical details (as well as armchair diagnoses) can probably be inferred (but not necessarily confirmed) from her writings.  


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