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SUFFERNG IS HIP is updated irregularly in dribs, drabs,
and occasional frenzied bursts by Sepulchritude.


This page is mostly intended for newer readers as our regular readers will doubtlessly recognize most of this verbiage. We reorganized some of our editorial and background info, so this page is mostly some extracted but relevant info from a few older pages.

Spring 2002




Suffering is Hip suffered its debut when Volume I was unleashed in October of 1997. Volume II appeared several months later in 1998. And the last incarnation of Suffering is Hip in volume form, Volume III, made its appearance in October of 1999.

We broke out of the volume format in the Fall of 2000, adopting instead a sectional format (not unlike those hideous couches once popular) to which new material (and wine stains) are added at whim.

You'll note sections as defined in the Table of Malcontents may contain sub-sections. The parenthetical date following an entry either marks what volume wherein an archived piece first appeared or marks the date a later "volumeless" piece was released. Those items with no parenthetical dates are pages that are either more ongoing or informational in nature.

The especially newer items are marked with an ubiquitous "new" designation which we'll try very hard to remember to remove when a piece has been properly decanted and allowed to breathe for a while.



An Excerpted Origin & History of Sepulchritude.
How we got here from there.



S.i.H. is produced and maintained by Sepulchritude. Sepulchritude is not a company, an organization, nor a floorwax. It's four people: Kallisti, Mordantia Bat, le Marquis Déjà Dû, and la Comtesse Melusine de Nuit —and we do all this in our dwindling spare time. Probably because we're nuts.

Additional Credits: S.i.H. was originally hosted by: Czar Laszlo the Dispossessed until we moved to our own domain. But our gratitude is still in earnest, if not in question. {kiss! kiss!}

The poignant and alarmingly apt phrase,"Suffering is Hip" was originally supplied by our old time collaborator: Turner Morgan.

And, of course, we send kisses to all our contributors for the various content they allow us to include here. We keep meaning to send them fruitcake as a token of our esteem, but we figure they would think we did not like them anymore if we did such a thing. So, our gratitude must simply be expressed here.