I'm gonna be sick! The “Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf” Drinking Game

Drink whenever your character drinks,
or when (s)he does this…

(Everyone drinks when
these things happen.)
  • Everyone drinks when their character is first introduced onscreen (or — in the case of the kid — mentioned).
  • Whenever any of the characters sings, “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?”
  • Whenever Richard Burton makes or hands someone a drink.
Richard Burton
  • “Good, better, best, bested.”
  • When he shoots Liz Taylor with the umbrella gun.
  • Drink steadily through the ‘Burgen’ monologue.
  • When he calls Sandy Dennis “angel boobs” and “monkey nipples.”
  • “And that’s how you play Get The Guests.”
  • When he cries on the porch.
  • Take little sips every time he says, “Snap!”
  • “Sou-EEEE! Sou-EEE!”
Liz Taylor
  • “I don’t bray!!!”
  • “Party! Party!”
  • “Hey SWAMPY!”
  • (to George Segal) “Don’t encourage me!”
  • “You can stand it! You married me for it!”
  • Take little sips every time she says, “Snap!” or, “Clink.”
  • “I am the earth mother and you are all flops.”
  • “George and Martha. Sad, sad, sad.”
George Segal
  • Whenever he flirts with Liz.
  • Whenever it is said that he works in the math or history department.
  • When Liz says, “Right at the meat of things,” into his crotch.
  • “Plow some pertinent wives.” — when he says or does this.
  • Whenever his impotence is implied.
  • Whenever he is called ‘houseboy’.
Sandy Dennis
  • Whenever she says the word ‘brandy’.
  • “Never mix, never worry.” / “I never mix.”
  • “I’d like another little nipper of brandy please!”
  • “I’m gonna be sick!”
  • “I dance like the wind.”
  • “Violence! Violence!”
  • “Hump the hostess!”
  • Take little sips every time she says ‘bells’.
  • “I want my husband! I want a drink! I want something!”
  • The bunny hop.
  • “Peel the lable!”
Little Bugger Drink every time George & Martha’s child is referred to.

Don’t think you’re getting off easy if you’re playing this character.