How Do You Like It!? The “Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf” Drinking Game


Each player is assigned a character.

There are five characters: George (Richard Burton), Martha (Elizabeth Taylor), The Biologist (George Segal), Honey (Sandy Dennis), and George & Martha’s apocryphal child, whom we’ll call The Little Bugger.

Whenever your character drinks in the film, so must you. (In the case of The Little Bugger, you must drink every time he is referred to in the dialogue.)

The assignment of characters should be random. e.g., a party might have three Martha’s and no Honey’s.

The best way to assign characters would be to either print out the cards (via the links above) and have people pick at random, or click this lovely little WAOVW? Character Generator™ that I just made for you because I’m thoughtful like that.
In addition to drinking every time your character drinks, there are a number of “bonus” items specific to each character. And god help you if you’re assigned the Liz Taylor card!