The below projections are based on the random selection of a Superstition for each sign. The book I used was Dictionary of Superstitions, edited by Iona Opie and Moira Tatem. It contains a lot of interesting folklore, albeit with much Christianity-based slanting. Each randomly selected superstition provides the quirky rudder, which I then checked against astrological trends current and upcoming, as well as pondering patterns I notice happening to friends, co-workers and acquaintances who happen to share the various signs. I did this to make sure the random selection, however esoteric or enigmatic, was at least obliquely compatible with astrological trends.


Lizard Cures - The person takes the lizard in his hand, licks the creature all over - head, feet, belly, legs, sides, tail; and the tongue of the person is said to possess the power, ever afterwards, of taking the sting and pain out of a burn. (We've all been burned before, baby -- so get thee to the Reptile House and start licking!)


Red Thread Protects - It is common practice with the housewives to tie a piece of red, worsted thread around their cows' tails, previous to turning them out to grass for the first time in the spring. It secures their cattle, they say, from the evil eye. (Don't be tempted to run with the herd. Take care of the people you value, even if they go through a phase of running with the herd.)


Ladybird Flies to Lover - It is carefully placed on the open palm of the hand, and the following metrical jargon is repeated, "Lady Lady Lanners, Lady Lady Lannder, tak up your clowk about your head, an' flee to Flanners. Flee ower firth, and flee ower fell, Flee ower pule and rinnan; well, flee ower muir, and flee ower mead, flee ower mead, flee ower livan, flee ower dead, flee ower corn, an' flee ower lea, flee ower river, flee ower sea, flee ye east or flee ye west, flee till him that lo'es me best." (No matter how many ways you try to con us, there's sure a whole lot of fleein' goin' on. To paraphrase from Tanith Lee's Personal Darkness, 'You are always running away from yourself. What will you do when you finally catch up?' Oh and for some of you - Slut.)


Railway Tunnel Cures Whooping Cough - The sufferer was taken by train on the Great Western line from Dovey Junction to Aberdovey and back. They were made to stand at the open carriage window, alternatively exposed to the cold sea air and the hot sulphurous fumes . Any child foolish enough to whoop once more at the end of the journey had to undergo it all over again. (You are starting fresh, but if you hold onto childish things, you'll go through those already-learned lessons all over again.)


May Dew Auspicious - On the first day of May, if you wash your face in the dew, you are supposed to marry the first man you meet. (Interesting and/or perhaps significant romantic possibilities appear through following a path you perceived as antiquated, outdated, tired, worn out or that you've relegated to the "been there/done that" section of life.)


Weather Linked With Lives of the Great - His charwoman likes to take her holiday on a day when the Queen is going somewhere, because then the elements are most likely to be favorable to an outing. (Those situations or people you felt were beyond your grasp, or that seemed to be working against you, were actually forcing you to work more frequently within the concept of "timing is everything.")


Clothes First Time Worn - Making a first appearance in new clothes, my grandmother always wished the possessor: "Health to wear it, strength to tear it and money to buy another." (Well aren't you just the SPECIAL one for the next couple months?)


Duck or Goose, Bill in Patient's Mouth - Catch a ducking, place its mouth wide open within that of the affected child, and as the sufferer inhales the duck's breath, the complaint will disappear. (Love your nemeses and enemies for the next couple of months, but for hell's sake, don't let them close enough to breathe on you!)


Dreams By Contraries - My wife had the most lucky dreams in the world. It twas one night a coffin and cross-bones, the sign of an approaching wedding; at another time she imagined her daughter's pockets filled with farthings, a certain sign of their being shortly suffused with gold. (We are apparently being welcomed into Opposite World for the next couple months. Don't take anything simply at face-value, especially if it seems negative or alarming.)


Sleeping North/South - It is healthy to sleep with your head towards the north and your feet towards the south. (You can now cultivate an alliance with the forces of nature and current trends through simple strategies and thus can see your goals prosper.)


Nutmeg, Lucky - When I've filled in my soccer coupon, I sprinkle a little nutmeg powder on it. Then I leave it for 24 hours before posting it. This secret was told to me by a gipsy some years ago. (Lucky breaks through seemingly silly incidents. Also, divinatory messages from traditional sources as well as unique ones bear listening to.)


Mince Pies = Happy Months - Even if only a currant of each, taste as many mince-pies and Christmas puddings as possible between Christmas Day and 6 January -- each is a happy month. (Celebrate and be carefree as much as possible, the pleasures that follow will be with you long past the next couple months.)