I'm so very tardy with this piece -- the event happened a while ago and alas, my memory banks have been purged of much of the finer details. In any event, this article is mainly about gal pal Genevieve with some event recap (and a few pics) thrown in. The Crack Whore Ball itself, from the mag of the same name, I think is a hilarious concept -- and one hell of an annual party too. New Orleans LOVES parties. New Orleans LOVES themes for parties. New Orleans LOVES costuming and role-playing for parties and they indulge in same relentlessly throughout the year. Consequently, I LOVE New Orleans. (OH - and I believe Le Marquis is handling the design and maintenance of their website. Keeping it all in the family - so to speak. As it were...)

I first met Gen many years ago before I moved to New Orleans when Indra and I visited Le Marquis, Micha and Kallisti who were at the time roommates. Gen was a gorgeous blonde then, and delightfully saucy, racy and irreverent about life, love and the pursuit of pleasure. (Gen was "immortalized" during that time period in Le Marquis' play, "Sophie Wright Place," which can be found on Sepulchritude at the Chateau Pernod or Suffering is Hip sections.)

Years later I am living here, Gen is a now a brunette, and still as gorgeous as she is saucy, racy and irreverent. She is legendary in the Scene in New Orleans for, among other bawdy exploits, the tale of her deflowering at 16 years of age by John Denver. Her deflowering tale is coupled with other ribald recountings of sordid sexual exploits with good ole boy John. This illicit liaison with him, the accompanying tales, and the twisted pleasure the South gets out of everyone's personal life escapades (something I find as irresistible about living here as I find it alarming), prompted a large amount of people in New Orleans and in cities all over who had heard tell of the "dangerous liaison" to send Gen condolence and sympathy cards when news of John Denver's death hit the headlines. The South has a sick and twisted sense of humor -- something I find appealing as well as appalling! Oh what a paradox!

Hanging out at the Abbey, another of my fave haunts on Decatur Street, one gets invited to indulge in all sorts of interesting THINGS. Every now and again, when I need to decompress after work, I skip-to-my-lou to visit Gen, who works the 6pm-2am shift there. One such Monday night, Gen handed me a delightful flyer (which I have since misplaced, dammit) announcing Crack Whore Magazine's Annual Crack Whore Ball where one of many competitors would be crowned, Queen of the Crack Whores, based on costume, persona for the night, etc. Gen informed me that she was running for Queen to defend her crown, having won the Queen of the Crack Whores title last year.

Gen: (handing me the flyer, which depicted her in last year's winning ensemble, a very slutty nurse outfit). You have to come to this. You have to vote for me. I'm running against two draq queens.

Melusine: I'm SO there. So very there. What is your costume this year?

Gen: I don't know yet. I'm toying with the idea of going as Divine.

Melusine: A female doing a male doing drag. VERY nice.

Gen: I don't know. It might be a little too complicated for some.

Melusine: MEOW. Well you have a week to figure it out.

I was delirious with glee a the thought of the event -- falling on a Monday in late January? (Er, February?) (Early March?) ANYWAY, the event was held at Ampersand with a $25 ticket/entry charge and an open bar from 9pm through about 2 am, after which you had to start purchasing your own alcohol (if one wasn't already medicated enough by then, that is).

I visited the Abbey practically every night the week before the Ball to help Gen brainstorm (oh -- and to have drinks too. THAT started my brief obsession with apple-jack shots and many a Abbey regular were only too obliged to buy me them. Ouch OUCH baby).

The Crack Whore Ball night finally arrived! I coasted through my day at work, Gen still had not decided what her costume would be and I was excited to see what she came up with. I decided my costume would be a laudanum addicted opium addict from the 1930's. Kallisti graciously sent me a quaint little bottle with a beautifully decorated label she made herself that said Laudanum. Ahhh the days of yore when opiates were not only in vogue, but easily acquired!

The Ball was fabulous! So many people for a Monday night and so many costumes. My damn camera, however, didn't capture all the stuff I wanted to and the pics attached to this article were all that came out. Luckily, most of the pics of Gen in her slutty cheerleader outfit came out great! She won the title easily for the second year in a row as the two guys in drag were very uninspired in their costuming. (I mean REALLY).

So let's hear it for Genevieve - Queen of the Crack Whores! Her exploits continue -- legendary as always -- and who knows where - or in what escapade she will turn up next. Rumor has it she may be moving away in the near future. SAY IT ISN'T SO, Gen!

You fill up my senses, like a night in a forest (or a vodka tonic and a snort of (ahem) snuff at the Crack Whore Ball).



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