TWO POEMS by Christian Maitland-Smith



Delusions of Prudence

A certain freedom is mine
I believe I no longer love you

Refreshed by the lack
Of foolish clinging ties
I seek new pastures
New snares
New potholes underfoot

By the gods Im going to do it again
No delusions of prudence there
But for now

I feel free.




For Tomorrow Ye Die

I stumble in the dusk
Following a bloodied trail
Left by my soul
Lurching into the lowering darkness

And the air greys down, darker and to black

Looking up at the faint lunar lamplit sky
I feel cool air on my face
The damp of an impending fresh rain
It will purify the bloody earth
Wash the splintered bones shiny

And rivulets will wear them away


What is suffering
And was it there?
Or was it merely a delusion of the dysfunctional
Soon cured
A good nights sleep
A course of "medicine"
Apples and celery
Eat, drink and be merry

For tomorrow ye die.

- Christian Maitland-Smith




Christian Maitland-Smith hails from Auckland, New Zealand. He has been writing on and off since the age of twelve. Christian considers himself a student of life, and therefore enjoys injecting the irony and less than occasional bleakness he has observed and experienced into his writing, viewing the expression of such sentiments/emotions more as a matter of owning and therefore gaining power over pain and darkness than one of maudlin wallowing. Christian is however aware that when he falls under the influence of drink and cheesy angst the latter looms dangerously close.

Christian is 25 years old, a Libran, and a born and bred New Zealander. He has an undue fondness for Jamesons whiskey, cigars, the writings of Lord Byron, Irish dance music, and Black Sabbath among other odd and mismatched things. His tertiary education has been sporadic but satisfying, and he is now studying computing because he considers it a feasible way to gain employment that will pay for his assorted vices. His homepage can be found at can be contacted via email at

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