All of the listed sites below, the sub-pages, the sections, and the fragments, are parts of Sepulchritude, and were concocted, written, produced, edited, observed, designed, collected and/or compiled by one or more of Sepulchritude´s quartet (Kallisti, Mordantia Bat, le Marquis Déjà Dû, and Melusine de Nuit.)

So, herewith, are the main contents of Sepulchritude broken down by the three main different servers Sepulchritude afflicts:



Main Sepulchritude Editor Information Pages


Suffering is Hip - Sepulchritude's "lighter side of dark" e-zine

Déjà Deck : the Marquis' online tarot
Poe Fest : celebrating Edgar Allan Poe
The I, CLAUDIUS Drinking Game : Honestly!
Bats! : by Mordantia Bat

please visit our Table of Malcontents for complete listing ...


Kallisti's Chapel Perilous

Artehaus : The Kallisti Galleries
Pornokrates : Historic Smut
Décolleté : Severed Head Gallery
Le Fée Verte : Absinthe Gallery : volks custom fashion figures : Cruel & Unusual Book Shop




Mordantia Bat's Bat Cafe

Bat's ephemera, projects, writing, and whims.

Here on Bat Cafe, you can find more of Bat's short stories as well as some other oddities — including a small collection of experiments in animation, video, and blogging.

Permanent sections include:

Sins of Coffee : a magazine of melancholy humours. An archive of the literary 'zine that preceded Suffering is Hip.

The Misspent Youth Photos: a photogallery of snapshots and related items. Sepulchritude fans might find it of interest as some pieces inadvertently document a bit of Sepulchritude's history and proto-history.

Dead Authors: a few articles/tidbits on some classic authors. (This section is an project that's been abandoned, but there were still these few remnants that seemed worth keeping online.)

Extispicy: Bat's blog of sorts.

Une Saison En Enfer, Mon Amour: a film.



Marquis Déjà Dû's Château Pernod

The Library : Two Volumes of the "Brainchild Stories" (many penned by the writers of Sepulchritude)
Intimate Diaries: What is the Marquis thinking and doing today? And why should you care?
The Gallery : the Marquis's paintings




hespeth journal : dark raving delights



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