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Coining Sepulchritude

This Portmanteau Won't Fit Under the Seat


BAT: The more we deconstruct our synapses the more I am convinced I coined it. As the surrounding stuff supports my doing so. That you came up with something that would please me, I do not doubt, and I'm sure it was very good. But what it was ... well, that ... we must find. And elevate, as it's obviously important if it swapped your synapsis holding Sepulchritude.


MARQUIS: OH-YOU-CUR! Now I'm getting really steamed.

You are, of course, referring to the dyslexic episode with Kooki/Brainchild at Monique's. To which I deferred to your opinion upon reflexion.

But I shall not have the label Utter-And-Incurable-Dyslexic tattooed upon my forehead. There are some, nay, many things I don't mix up.

There was a doubt in my mind about the Kooki/Brainchild thing, and you brought it forth. I gracefully backed down, admitting that I had muddled it.

I did not admit to future muddles regarding unrelated subjects.

In short, to continue the Sepulchritude argument, I must appeal to the court that all references to Kooki/Brainchild mix-up be inadmissable. I will not be tried twice for the same offense.

The lobe of memory where the Sepulchritude evening is stored is entirely separate from the Kooki/Brainchild episode. There is no question about it. It is in the Traumatic And Sudden Things lobe along with my other 2 moments of inspiration, along with jumping off the wall at 7 y.o. and breaking my arm, being surrounded by town bullies on bikes while I was on my big-wheel, and seeing my mother for the last time before I departed for England. There are some things that are burned indelibly into the mind's eye. I assure you this is one of them.

(oh gawd, I'm laughing so hard right now...)

Waitagodamnminute! A thought just occurred to me. You're fucking with me. You and your catty little redheaded friend are playing a deliberate game of Fuck With the Marquis.

Next week you will mention, quite in passing, that Alecto's mother was seen in the neighbourhood. I will remind you that Harley is Altecto's mother and you will plant seeds of doubt in my head with your insisting that was not the case.

I will entertain those seeds of doubt because, as you yourself wrote, If you do not doubt yourself, you are suspect.

To further quote toilet literature from the WC of my local pub: "Fervent zealotry springs from doubt. It is when we are unsure that we are doubly sure."

I see what you're doing. I see what you're ALLLLLL doing! Damn Them alll! They're all out to get meeeeeee!

KALLISTI: You're becoming paranoid. Wow.

BAT: But as to the debate over "coinage," I assure you, Monsieur, that I am not fucking with you. I truly believe I coined it (with your supplying the jumping off board for the thought to form). But you are as adamant as I in your belief of your memory of the thing. So, it's an ART IMPASSE!!!!!!! heheheh.

The majority of early references to the word on my computer all relate to the fact I was using it quite a bit informally for my freelance graphics biz [in early '95]. So, that doesn't shed any light on its origins. The next plethora of references are from the proposals/preliminary plans for it to be our publishing "venture" a year or two later. And then the next plethora came when it become the web site months after that .....

It's led a very utilitarian life, that word.

And although I do not wish to rile you, but it is not just the Kookagami thing that makes us ruffle your head and say, "poor dyslexic memory" to you .... but I won't belabor that point .... hehehe.

BTW, on a wholly other subject, I sent you a little treaty-poo in the mail this morning. Given that the treaty-poo does bear, in part, the word "Sepulchritude" don't think I sent them to taunt you! I made them yesterday before we came to this ART IMPASSE. Hehehehehhehe. So, they are innocent offerings, I assure you.


MARQUIS: I was joking with my slip into the Voice of Paranoia

But I don't *really* have to point that out. Do I? Do I? (looking about nervously) (checking under desk)

>I truly believe I coined it (with your supplying the jumping off >board for the thought to form). But you are as adamant as I in your >belief of your memory of the thing. So, it's an ART IMPASSE!!!!!!!

Ah! Bon mot! Art Impasse. That is what we have, and it lends so much further intrigue and colour into our already intriguing and colourful histoire, tu ne trouve pas?

I too am certain I coined it, because I remember the thought processes involved in coining it. You have yet to produce those from memory. It seems to have spontaneously arrived in Kallisti's kitchen. Hehehe.

BAT: No, but I *do* remember the thought process quite clearly and it was in the kitchen. And you were HEAVILY involved in the thought process, so there -- that is why we both remember it -- and indeed if what I remember of it is true, you were INSTRUMENTAL in the explosion of the final word and so indeed it could -- should -- be said we BOTH created it at once. What I am saying is you did not do this alone in the dark of your room. Here ... the thought process. We'd been over-using the word pulchritude and pulchritudinously for days or maybe even weeks. At the Lyon St. house, in the course of conversation or such, you said something, and it was probably either using the word "sepulchre" itself or perhaps even you called something "sepulchrous" and it all clicked and I shouted "sepulchritude." This flash I do remember ever so clearly.

So, your thought process is a true memory --just your locale and solitude is not, I contend -- and the fact we were both doing the thought process together and instrumental in coining the word means I think we both should consider WE did it. Collaboration, sweetie, collaboration!


BAT: heheheh. Actually, I hope neither of us finds any definitive proof either way -- that way we can both be smug, righteous, and frustrated. There's true art for you.

MARQUIS: What's more inspiring than an upheaved soul?

BAT: And it ultimately doesn't matter. The word is all of ours (and beyond) these days anyway. It is us. And this question as to the word's origins makes it a lovely bastard of a word.

MARQUIS: Sepulchritude: Two Leos; No Mercy

BAT: Heh. I do adore you, in skirmish and in collaboration. They are much the same.

MARQUIS: If we clink swords, or clink flute glasses, I'm replete either way.

BAT: Clink! TouchÉ!

___________ end of email extracts________


Impassioned searches through documents on their respective hard drives turned up no inkling as to whose head birthed "Sepulchritude" -- as by this point, neither of them were going to accept anything but hard archived proof as definitive. But -- The word's origin simply had not been duly documented -- a shocking lapse for compulsive note-takers! So, it came and rested on this Art Impasse. They could be wholly satisfied with an Impasse. There's something solid and comforting about such obstacles.

Perhaps it did not bode well that the first thing to be archived fell into such confusion and contention. But then again, it boded quite well indeed, as the absurdity of that simply justifies our old motto: "Absurditas es Fortis Nostrum."

Yuppers. We can be even more fond of our bastard word of questionable origins, thank you.

A week after this skirmish , they finally asked Melusine what, if anything, SHE remembered. This was her response:

MELUSINE: I perused the Bickering Emails Re Coinage this morning and my sides are aching from guffawing aloud at so ungodly an hour. Dawn is not yet winking above the horizon (well -- maybe it is, by my cave is dark, don'tcha know).

What I recollect from those liquor-sodden and uproarious days (which do not seem to have abated much, non?) is showing up at The DuNord Booth and both Bat and Le Marquis perching there with many glasses of wine/ale emptied in front of them, laughter resounding. They then presented me with Sepulchritude as a word they came up with for a graphic biz using the catch phrase --Two Leos, No Waiting. You both wanted me to help decide upon a logo but we deferred everything as "people" were arriving and social amenities took over from creative ones.

I have always assumed that Bat came up with "sepulcural" because of her proclivity toward same, and the Marquis being enamored of pulchritude due to us having just viewed a Boob Mania video or something, and that betwixt the two of you Sepulchritude was born. I have no idea who named aloud the joint coinage first -- alas, your war of the words will have to continue on THAT issue.

But I always always relegated credit to both of you -- even in my discussions with other people:

"Bat and the Marquis came up with a great word the other day."

"Really, what's that?"


"Oh my god, that's sick and beautiful. I love it."

Variations on this conversation took place with many different individuals in and out of our immediate Social Milieu.

Have I helped any? Have I made it more complicated?


So, in conclusion, we are happy to announce we resolved nothing. Just as well. The Mysteries of Memory -- such a plague and an entertainment.

fin. for now.


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