March 14, 2005

New Blastmilk!

Long time no update! has a new look. And a new purpose in life. I, Kallisti, have decided to roll up all my disparate sites into Blastmilk. Therefore in the near-ish future the Chapel Perilous will disappear into its milky folds. Woo!

It is about time. Very little will be going away, much will be updated.

Sorry for the sleepiness of our updates. Life has been happening, much of it offline. Please check our diary links on the left for up to minute gossip.


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January 19, 2005

Poe's "Never Bet the Devil Your Head"

Also in honor of Poe's birthday, we thought we'd present one of his lesser-known humor pieces: Never Bet the Devil Your Head.

It's one of Poe's better satirical pieces -- a retort inspired by some of the critics of his day calling into question his moral values.

Seemed oddly (excuse the slight pun) apropos.

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Happy Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday!


We wish you a Happy Poe Day today!

Poe Fest's 2005 Poe Birthday Card



An old friend of mine -- someone I went to high school with -- is a teacher these days. She happens to be teaching a unit on Poe to her students this month. As she knows I've been a Poe aficionado ever since she's known me, she recently picked my brain on a few literary questions on some of Poe's works. So, as my recent exchanges with her inspired me to use Harry Clarke's wonderful "Masque of the Red Death" illustration for this basis of this year's Poe birthday card, I am dedicating this year's card to her and her class:

To Mrs. Saidak and her English class at Boynton High School in San Jose. Have a Happy Poe Day!


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October 24, 2004

New Short Story

Yes, we been dreadfully quiet and uneventful around here for a rather long time. Oh, well.

But. Just in time for Halloween, we have just added a small treat of a story in our POE FEST section. We our pleased to present: The Basilisk.


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January 28, 2004

Spammy Thingie

Just set up a MT hack that will help prevent comment spam on these blogs. So now you have a 6 digit random # to enter when you post your comments. Don't be afraid, it's easy!

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December 18, 2003 Update

I have executed a total overhaul of my Custom Figure site! Long over due, the original was only supposed to be temporary and I left that up for a year. Bleh!

Go play.

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November 10, 2003

New Story in Poe Fest

We have a new story in Suffering is Hip's Poe Fest section -- Grapenuts by Darin Pratt.

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November 4, 2003

Mythoscopes & Logomachy

Two new pieces added to Suffering is Hip:

Hespeth's Mythoscopes for Fall/Winter 2003. Melusine's (Hespeth's) latest pithy prognostications.

Word Whores: Logomachy. A little wordy exchange betwixt the Marquis and Bat with some etymology thrown in for good measure.

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October 27, 2003

Just call me Victoria Regina


I am reaching meltdown with the vast empire that is and all its client countries, er, domains.

Not those of the other editors, but my own. All my projects are so scattered and fractured.

In the olden days, all my pages resided on The Chapel Perilous off of the main directory. And then I started registering domains for the more popular sections. Absinthe & porn, who'da guessed!

And then I started sections not depending on The Chapel Perilous at all, like & my miniatures.

And then I started these happy posting pages here and on Blastmilk.

And I look at the old pages and think "How fractured"! I want to scream.

Originally the idea of registering was so that all four editors resided under one umbrella domain. It didn't really work out that way, and I've just made a mess of it.

So I think it might be time to retire "The Chapel Perilous" and move all my personal stuff to one of my existing domains, or register a new one.

Like! It could have a storybook fantasy land look to it... like my favorite tiny Kallisti haunt at Children's Fairy Land in Oakland.


There was an old woman, who lived in a shoe.
You know the story.

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The catalog of my iniquities

Is easily counted by domain registrations:

"I am lost. I am lost." - Raquel Welch in The Three Muskateers

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October 6, 2003 Updates

On September 23rd 2003 I finally completed a four month long overhaul of the absinthe site at

Sparked on by repeated plagiarism of the site and logo, I felt a complete overhaul with a design lacking one specific identifiable logo to steal was in order.

But because I added a brand new section on Absinthiana & Collectibles, and included a complete overhaul of the Buyer's Guide, the project took longer than I orginally thought. Not too mention alot of real life happening between the cracks (I got married and moved in August!).

So please, go visit:

I've also installed and set up brand new forum software that is very up to date and hip! Wow!

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October 3, 2003


Welcome to our news blog! For chitter chatter on what is going on with the site(s) and the wider world of being a Sepulchritudian. More later... I got fonts to putz with.

xo, kallisti

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