October 30, 2003

Getting Future-Spooky in New Orleans

It is the day before Halloween but celebration and costume madness has already begun here on the Gulf Coast! In the French Quarter alone, I have a multitude of theme events to choose from.

What seems to be all the rage in terms of themes for events for everyone else this year? Here in New Orleans, there is a strong Post-Apocalyptic Future slant to many events a la Blade Runner, Mad Max, Fifth Element, Gattica, Underworld, Matrix and so on. UV Reactive clothing is also highly encouraged for many of these. This futuristic slant is also coupled with fetish fashion, comic book characters, sleek (as opposed to mainstream) superhero types, and Japanese anime concepts. Veddy interesting indeed. Tonight is Zombie Thriller night at the 80's retro club, 1984 and I finally decided my costume is going to be ghostly Cathy from Wuthering Heights. I have no idea which of my other costume ideas I will settle on for the next four days of debauchery! Most of the bars and clubs here are open 24/7 anyway, and some are doing continuous Halloween events. Sleep? What's THAT?! Anyhow, I will have throw-away cameras with me and I assume Le Marquis will have his digital with him, and we shall regale you all with pics in the very near future.

But enough about New Orleans - What's all the rage in in other regions this Halloween? How about San Fran?! Are they REALLY going to close off the Castro area and CHARGE ADMISSION?! How very Republican of them. Give us the scoop in Comments, people! What are your costume ideas, party themes, etc.

And where the HELL is my Heathcliff,


Posted by Melusine at 10:21 AM