February 11, 2004

In Reply To

This is in reply to the Marquis's comment to the last post -- confusing, I know, to do it in a new post, but as I can't embed an image in a comment, had to do it this way.

Yes, I'd agree with Melusine that the resemblance is really only apparent sometimes when you are drunk, way drunk. Thus, whether YOU see it or not is rather irrelevant -- simply because when it comes out, you are not in the best of shapes to be making any reliable observations, objective or otherwise.

And I will say further, too, that it is not every time you are drunk either, but more sporadically and on some particularly notable occasions. I suspect the reason Kallisti and I both saw the resemblance at once and without question is that the time I can think back on where I'd say the resemblance seemed most pronounced was when Kallisti and I came to visit for Mardi Gras a few years back. It was that time especially that I can recall you sashaying about the various parades we attended in a most prescient Sparrow style indeed. You even did don a pirate hat at one of the parades -- as there is even photographic evidence of that, I dug the relevant photo out:


(click photo for larger image)

Now, I don't know whether the reason Kallisti so easily saw the resemblance herself also has to do with the way you were cavorting about that particular Mardi Gras -- she'll have to explain the reasons for her own contention herself. But this might make sense and explain why it is Kallisti and I who are so convinced of this contention and not so much anyone else -- Melusine that Mardi Gras was not enthusiastic about attending the parades and so would have missed the most memorable of your performances in this particular oeuvre, as it were.

Hmm. Were you not at that time also on cold medicine or some such as well? Ah ha! Mayhaps I've unravelled it. It's the combo of cold medicine and alcohol. Because it being Mardi Gras and the celebratory spirit was in full swing, you were still imbibing, of course, as well -- which of course is not recommended by most reputable cold medications, perhaps for this very reason.

[COLD MEDICINE WARNING: Do not take in combination with alcoholic beverages, as Pepe Le Pew/Keith Richards/Johnny Depp pirate affectations may spontaneously occur.]

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February 8, 2004

The Sparrow and the Marquis -- Part I

Johnny Depp's Oscar nomination last week for his sublime performance as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribbean happened to remind myself and my co-editors, Kallisti and Melusine, of the bizarre contention of Kallisti and myself (as well as a few of the Marquis's other friends we happen to know of) that Johnny Depp seemed to us almost as if he were channelling out Marquis in that role. Especially for the first swaggering 15 minutes that the character appears in the movie.

This was something observed originally by Kallisti, who was first among us to have seen the movie. She had mentioned the amusing coincidence offhandedly to me at a gathering last summer. Thus, when I happened to have seen the movie a few weeks later myself, I recognized at once exactly which part of the movie and especially which gestures had prompted her observation. I found myself thinking during the film, "She's absolutely right! Swear that's practically our Marquis that Depp is doing up on the screen right there. Oooh, and there, too."

Of course, we know this is not in actuality the case, and I've even read since then of the well-known people Depp claims to have been drawing from in order to form the base of his character performance. I forget offhand who those people were said to be, because that information, despite being factual, is nevertheless incidental to our particular fanciful contention.

Kallisti and I did ask Melusine quite a long while ago whether or not she'd seen this movie, and if she had, did she happen to agree with our contention or not. She had not then seen the movie yet, but said she'd look out for the resemblance if and when she ever did.

Thus, when Depp's performance for this movie was brought up in the news last week and lauded with a nomination, we were reminded of this whole thing once again. So, we asked Melusine again whether she had seen the movie yet.

She had not, but agreed she would have to and wanted to soon.

Then we began a casual debate amongst ourselves whether or not to post about this phenomenon (as we took to calling it) here in our SepulchriNews blog, We thought it a funny bit of information that would be likely to highly amuse some of our readers as much as it was amusing us.

"As tempted as I would be to post these observations in the blog," said I in email to Kallisti and Melusine, "my only hesitation is this question: Has anyone actually bothered to inform our dear Marquis that the secret consensus of quite a few of his friends is that a few certain gestures and sway of Capt. Jack Sparrow remind them uncannily of our Marquis? Would he be insulted by learning of this and despise us then for all eternity? Or flattered to a point where the resulting ego-swelling would put even MORE of that special swagger in his step?"

Melusine later that very evening took care of finding out the answer to at least some of that, however, and had even escalated our frivolous musings to the next quasi-logical plateau -- as evidenced by her email reply the day:

"I told the Marquis last night about the Johnny Depp fey swaggering pirate resemblance to him (in Depp's first appearance in the movie) and he is highly curious now to see it. So -- like I predicted, we are arranging a movie night to view Pirates of the Caribbean so we can witness first hand the Johnny Depp Pirate/Marquis phenomenon!"

We chortled at this news, of course. And insisted upon hearing a full review of this particular movie night and the reactions of everyone to our contention. Thus, we've charged Melusine with the task of giving a full report here in SepulchriNews after said movie night has taken place.

We are hoping, too, that the Marquis will join us in discussing this phenomenon, and refute our contention or cop to it himself here as well.

Thus, with mirth and anticipation, we do now await the reviews, which we'll just have to call Part II to this tale.

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December 5, 2003

Melusine is Visiting

Melusine got here (in SF) on Wednesday for a much anticipated weeklong visit.

Which means the Sepulchritudian Geo-Editorial Balance (SGEB) has shifted momentarily to the left. Go west, o cohorts. Or something.

Merely notable because it is rare for three editors to be in San Francisco at the same time these days (although it was in San Francisco where we all each met and forged our suffering alliance oh so many years ago.) Such shifts in our Geo-Editorial Balance are not to be taken lightly -- they can unleash primal pastoral urges. Really. Don't believe me? Well, then note that while Kallisti, Melusine, and I are over here about to get together for an afternoon of editorial cocktails and banter*, a peek at the Marquis' LiveJournal current entries will show that he's been recently occupied in a new project himself -- learning to kill his own food. In a rather Lord of the Flies/Deliverance/Iron Chef kinda motif from the looks of it.

Melusine and I tried to post a comment to his LiveJournal earlier this morning, but LiveJournal would not let me as our comment was this (non-squealing) visual below and I don't know the coding for putting the #$(%* images in there.. Oh, I know ...coulda found the reference somewhere - RTFM and tyler too. But ya know. I popped the damn thing in here where I know the coding and could be done with it -- so I could get back to sipping coffee with Melusine, who's staying with me this trip.

So, HERE, this is from Melusine and I to the Marquis:



*Cocktails and banter is deceiving, I know, because the refinement it implies is not only euphemistic, but purely fabricated. (As is our blog category title of "Editorial Meetings.")

It was, after all, during a sleepy afternoon when we imbibed in editorial cocktails and banter that we inadvertently concocted "The I, Claudius Drinking Game. " Yes, yes, not as -- ahem -- bucolic as the Marquis's little adventure, but ...

However, I think I am safe in saying that we're not likely to be slaughtering a pig in Kallisti's living room later this afternoon. In deference to the carpet, if nothing else.

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