January 19, 2005

Poe's "Never Bet the Devil Your Head"

Also in honor of Poe's birthday, we thought we'd present one of his lesser-known humor pieces: Never Bet the Devil Your Head.

It's one of Poe's better satirical pieces -- a retort inspired by some of the critics of his day calling into question his moral values.

Seemed oddly (excuse the slight pun) apropos.

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Happy Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday!


We wish you a Happy Poe Day today!

Poe Fest's 2005 Poe Birthday Card



An old friend of mine -- someone I went to high school with -- is a teacher these days. She happens to be teaching a unit on Poe to her students this month. As she knows I've been a Poe aficionado ever since she's known me, she recently picked my brain on a few literary questions on some of Poe's works. So, as my recent exchanges with her inspired me to use Harry Clarke's wonderful "Masque of the Red Death" illustration for this basis of this year's Poe birthday card, I am dedicating this year's card to her and her class:

To Mrs. Saidak and her English class at Boynton High School in San Jose. Have a Happy Poe Day!


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