December 18, 2003 Update

I have executed a total overhaul of my Custom Figure site! Long over due, the original was only supposed to be temporary and I left that up for a year. Bleh!

Go play.

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December 5, 2003

Melusine is Visiting

Melusine got here (in SF) on Wednesday for a much anticipated weeklong visit.

Which means the Sepulchritudian Geo-Editorial Balance (SGEB) has shifted momentarily to the left. Go west, o cohorts. Or something.

Merely notable because it is rare for three editors to be in San Francisco at the same time these days (although it was in San Francisco where we all each met and forged our suffering alliance oh so many years ago.) Such shifts in our Geo-Editorial Balance are not to be taken lightly -- they can unleash primal pastoral urges. Really. Don't believe me? Well, then note that while Kallisti, Melusine, and I are over here about to get together for an afternoon of editorial cocktails and banter*, a peek at the Marquis' LiveJournal current entries will show that he's been recently occupied in a new project himself -- learning to kill his own food. In a rather Lord of the Flies/Deliverance/Iron Chef kinda motif from the looks of it.

Melusine and I tried to post a comment to his LiveJournal earlier this morning, but LiveJournal would not let me as our comment was this (non-squealing) visual below and I don't know the coding for putting the #$(%* images in there.. Oh, I know ...coulda found the reference somewhere - RTFM and tyler too. But ya know. I popped the damn thing in here where I know the coding and could be done with it -- so I could get back to sipping coffee with Melusine, who's staying with me this trip.

So, HERE, this is from Melusine and I to the Marquis:



*Cocktails and banter is deceiving, I know, because the refinement it implies is not only euphemistic, but purely fabricated. (As is our blog category title of "Editorial Meetings.")

It was, after all, during a sleepy afternoon when we imbibed in editorial cocktails and banter that we inadvertently concocted "The I, Claudius Drinking Game. " Yes, yes, not as -- ahem -- bucolic as the Marquis's little adventure, but ...

However, I think I am safe in saying that we're not likely to be slaughtering a pig in Kallisti's living room later this afternoon. In deference to the carpet, if nothing else.

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