October 27, 2003

Just call me Victoria Regina


I am reaching meltdown with the vast empire that is Sepulchritude.com and all its client countries, er, domains.

Not those of the other editors, but my own. All my projects are so scattered and fractured.

In the olden days, all my pages resided on The Chapel Perilous off of the main directory. And then I started registering domains for the more popular sections. Absinthe & porn, who'da guessed!

And then I started sections not depending on The Chapel Perilous at all, like Blastmilk.com & my miniatures.

And then I started these happy posting pages here and on Blastmilk.

And I look at the old pages and think "How fractured"! I want to scream.

Originally the idea of registering Sepulchritude.com was so that all four editors resided under one umbrella domain. It didn't really work out that way, and I've just made a mess of it.

So I think it might be time to retire "The Chapel Perilous" and move all my personal stuff to one of my existing domains, or register a new one.

Like Kallistiland.com! It could have a storybook fantasy land look to it... like my favorite tiny Kallisti haunt at Children's Fairy Land in Oakland.


There was an old woman, who lived in a shoe.
You know the story.

Posted by Kallisti at October 27, 2003 02:43 PM


I like "House of Head".

You know "House of Head, House of Head, leave a message. House of Head".

Posted by: Head_prosthesis at October 27, 2003 03:38 PM

You're complaining because you're diversified? Honeychile, that's just good bidnith.

Posted by: Marquis at October 27, 2003 08:20 PM

Dahlink! What can I do to help?! Possibly write some blurbie-poos, I suppose. I will be taking copious pics for Halloween here in New Orleans so maybe betwixt Marquis and I we can come up with post-festivity blurbs.

Did you get my e-mail attachment of the Mythoscopes for SiH?!

I think the site looks grand-fab! Also, I love your gothic lolita Halloween parade of dolls! I have sent the blastmilk link to more than a few people who do or are interested in doll stuff.

Anyhoo - miss you luv you, see you and Bat within mere weeks...


Posted by: Melusine at October 28, 2003 07:01 AM

Melusine! Yes! I got your 'scope file! And I read Leo! I'm an egotistical bastard!

Thinking about putting it up was one of the reasons I started this ponder. The veritable labyrinth that is Sepulchritude was giving me a rash.

I start looking at one thing, and aaall the other things I haven't worked on in ages start tap-tap-tapping at me.

And I'll keep being diverthified, I just need a personal hub, as it were. Or Hut. Kallisti's Quonset Hut of Doom. And "Chapel Perilous" just ain't where I am anymore. It is more a changing of venue than content, though I'll probably nix some wee things nobody seems to pay attention to... and create KALLISTILAND!

K, it's growing on me. Another domain, weee!

Must. Get. Paid.

Melusine, counting the days til you land. Will take a couple days off, The Man can go fark himself.

Posted by: Kallisti at October 28, 2003 10:39 AM

You are an oasis in the desert of the Internet...do NOT be disheartened by your diverse empire...we ADORE your work...

Posted by: Trish at November 10, 2003 09:55 PM

But can I still have KallistiLand.com???

*falls over*

You are a very nice Mz. Trish, thank you for the encouragement. Bwahahaahaa!

I have a domain fetish I need to get over.

Posted by: Kallisti at November 10, 2003 10:23 PM