October 26, 2003

Books that make me pee, Part II

"Die Mode der Jahrhunderte"!!!

Translates to "The Fashion of the Centuries" or something. (must bug German speaking friends).

And yes, it is aaaall in German.

A gorgeous 1910 Art Nouveau bookie-poo of the history of fashion. Roughly 9"x12", it has lots of gorgeous little art nouveau things in it. Aside from the lavishly illustrated fashions, the second half of the book includes calendars and almanacs, ledgers for every purpose and a gatefold tear away notepaper pad that unfolds in the back, with little slots that presumably held envelopes.

I am absolutely squirming with delight. Did you see the Salome? I don't have that one yet! Also, loved the monkey header.

Posted by Kallisti at October 26, 2003 09:22 PM