October 23, 2003


I know I was warned over a year ago. But it is WRONG, WRONGWRONGWRONG WRONG!


Waah. I cry.

How come they don't have wallpaper of her head in an oven?

On other, happier Lit Notes, Dorian Gray with George Sanders was on for Oscar's birthday the other night. And I LOVE young Angela Lansbury. So there.

The script even gives ole George Sand a nod, when Lord Henry is playing Chopin.

Posted by Kallisti at October 23, 2003 02:39 PM


I watched as much of Dorian Gray as possible - ACH I love that movie. I love the novel even more, which I have now pulled out and am re-reading for 100,000th time!

Must do blurb for update page -- Halloween in Nawlins is shaping up to be fabulous this year! Wish you all were here (except the Marquis -- cause he already is!)



Posted by: Melusine at October 24, 2003 06:59 AM

I need to read it again too. It has been awhile.

But I've got three books I'm nibbling away at. Can't start another! Ack!

Posted by: Kallisti at October 24, 2003 11:59 AM

Was Angela in Dorian Grey? I thought it was Donna Reed. No, seriously.

I wish everyone I loved would be in NOLA for Halloween. I also wish I didn't work that whole weekend so I could enjoy said apocryphal presence.

Posted by: Marquis at October 26, 2003 02:43 PM

Pretty as a picture!


I miss halloween in Nola. Hang on, I'll post sumfin' for ya...

Posted by: Kallisti at October 26, 2003 04:51 PM