October 15, 2003

Tanith Lee's "Mortal Suns"

Melusine and I are both rabid Tanith Lee fans... so I thought I'd mention her latest has just arrived on my desk from Amazon:

Did I say rabid? I need a seperate bookshelf just to house my Tanith collection. I even have multiple copies of the same books with different covers. I reminded my stepmother recently that it was all her fault. When I was twelve she gave me her copies of "Don't Bite the Sun" & "Death's Master"... I've been rapaciously hooked ever since.

This will be my BART book next week, which reminds me, I meant to recommend my BART book from the last two weeks. Hrm, be right back...

Posted by Kallisti at October 15, 2003 03:24 PM


I love Tanith Lee as well. I'm looking to complete my collection of Flat Earth books with the same year prints. I want to know which editions had the white flowery text in the titles. I know the first editions of Delirium's Mistress and Night's Sorceries did but I also have Nights master with a Arabian Nights brownish cover with the flowery letters. I want to find Death's Master ans Delusion's Master with this edition's covers. Did Michael Whelan make new covers for those?
If you have them, please mail me.
Erik Nilsson

Posted by: Erik NIlsson at January 27, 2004 07:57 AM

Have you tried looking through daughterofthenight.com? Should have the info your're after.

found your site looking for foreign editions of TL

Posted by: Chris Hart at September 3, 2004 05:24 PM