October 06, 2003

FeeVerte.net Updates

On September 23rd 2003 I finally completed a four month long overhaul of the absinthe site at FeeVerte.net.

Sparked on by repeated plagiarism of the site and logo, I felt a complete overhaul with a design lacking one specific identifiable logo to steal was in order.

But because I added a brand new section on Absinthiana & Collectibles, and included a complete overhaul of the Buyer's Guide, the project took longer than I orginally thought. Not too mention alot of real life happening between the cracks (I got married and moved in August!).

So please, go visit: http://www.feeverte.net

I've also installed and set up brand new forum software that is very up to date and hip! Wow!

Posted by Kallisti at October 6, 2003 12:58 PM