October 06, 2003


Just moved into a new house, complete with porch and front yard so the first weekend in October was dedicated to spookification.

I also picked up this book: "Death Makes a Holiday: A cultural history of Halloween" by David J. Skal which I had tried to pick up last year this season and it had been sold out. A yummy public transport read chock full o' October bliss.

"Modern, mass-media histories of Halloween -- the kind that proliferate, sound-bite-style, every October -- often leave the impression that the holiday has been handed down, more or less intact, from Celtic antiquity (similarly hollow claims are often made for the very modern religion of Wicca). In reality, contemporary Halloween is a patchwork holiday, a kind of cultural Frankenstein stitched together quite recently from a number of traditions, all fused beneath the cauldron-light of the American melting pot."

That said the cultural roots of the holiday aren't any less fascinating. I'll quote more from the book as I progress.

And here's the first tentative pictures of our house decorations:

Posted by Kallisti at October 6, 2003 11:33 AM