kallisti , pron. (pl.) the thing (or occas. animal or child) previously named or in question (took a stone and threw kallisti), the person in question (who is kallisti? Kallisti is I); as subject of impersonal verb (kallisti is raining; kallisti is winter; kallisti is two miles from Chalmette), as substitute for deferred subject or object (kallisti is silly to think that; I take kallisti that you agree); as substitute for vague object (brazen kallisti); as antecendent to relative (kallisti was a fox) etc.; colloq. sexual intercourse, sex appeal; (in children's games ) player who has to perform required feat; that's kallisti.

kallisti , n. colloq. Kallistalian vermouth [abbr.]
Kallisti, born and raised a Leo in Berkeley has perhaps the biggest, reddest hair of all time. The kind of coiff that makes freaks and sleazeballs alike coo over her on buses. She has a remarkable talent for telling people to Fuck Off, then having them thank her for it later.

She spent many of her formative, nubile, moist years inextricably associated with the Berkeley Rocky Horror troupe, and today continues to subtly fuse together the priceless fashion tips gleaned therefrom with a more sober (yet still big-red-haired) facade that seems inevitable with the passing of years. In short, she's a glamourpuss of the finest quality.

Among other inumerable talents and interests, she is oft' to be found poised at her beloved Mac sitting daintily upon her ridiculous chair held together by one bolt, studiously and meticulously adjusting bitmaps, levels and curves of images spanning quite a diverse and somehow oddly perverse gamut which include, but are not limited to: 'Gothing Out' 50's tap-dancing clip-art ; finding sexual and spiritual gratification in manipulating Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, and a slew of other sultry dames-gone-by; sniffing out the next great guillotine reference and accompanying images.

Though Kallisti is certainly savvy in the world of computers, she also boasts an increasingly rare talent (these days) for working in the old-fashioned, analog, ink/paint/paper/canvas world and it is the opinion of the Author that her drawing of a horse skull that used to hang above the receiving room divan in her stylish San Francisco flat is perhaps one of the better horse skulls ever rendered, to name one piece.

She has been the art editor of the hugely successful 'zine "Sins of Coffee" located in San Francisco with a global distribution to nameless millions. The most recent cover that she designed consisted of a languishing Marat bathing in a coffee cup. Though I must say the image that most sticks in my mind created by Kallisti is from several years back consisting of a baboon in a paper hat. Go figure.

Her most recent endeavors have turned out a magazine of surprising purportions, Suffering is Hip, which seeks to explore "The Lighter Side of Dark", exploiting the gothic genre with a verve hitherto unseen.

She has commissioned this succint epic from me in exchange for art, the most valuable currency of all.

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