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The Pantheon & other Notables who didn't die  
The Pantheon, 11 octobre 1794     Diderot
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, by Quentin de La Tour A Young Rousseau, playing the hurdy-gurdy Rousseau herborisant, eighteenth-century engraving Une scène de l`Emile
Rousseau herborisant, eighteenth-century engraving Frontispice de l'Emile, gravure d'après C.-N. Cochin, 1780 Rousseauian allegory of the Revolution Voltaire & Rousseau, cards from around the time of the Revolution
Voltaire, by Quentin de La Tour, 1735 Voltaire in conversation with a group of peasants with Ferneyt by by Jean Huber Voltaire crowned at the Comédie Française, 16 March 1778, shortly before his death Triomphe de Voltaire, painting by Duplessis
  Voltaire's ashes on their way to be intered in the Pantheon