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Journées, Fêtes & Liberty Trees  
The Bastille    
Camille Desmoulins insighting the crowd to dismangle the Bastille, July 14th, 1789 The Bastille The Bastille The Bastille
Sans-culotte's carring a model of the Bastille After the Fall of the Bastille Storming of the Bastille, late 18th century The Bastille
The Bastille      
Miscellaneous Journees    
'To Versailles, To Versailles!'
the march of the poissardes to the royal palace
"Remember October", the March to Versailles Storming of Saint Lazare Hospital Woman protecting her family during the Vendee revolts
Revolt of Prairial Year III

The Great Fear, 1789

Peasants rioting and burning the countryside

Vendee revolts, drowning the traitors  
The September Massacres    

The Septembre Prison Massacres, 1792

1400 Killed

Disposal of the bodies of the Septembre Massacres The Septembre Prison Massacres, 1792 The Septembre Prison Massacres, slaughter of the clergy
August 10th - The Tuileries    
Journée de Tuileries,

Attack on the Tuileries, August 10, 1792

The King and his family barely escaped to seek the protection of the Assembly

9 Thermidor, Robespierre falls      
The Festivals    
La Fête de la Fédération, le 14 juillet 1790, estampe, "Vue de la décoration et illumination faite sur le terrain de la Bastille "The Fountain of Regeneration" In this engraving of the Festival of Reunion or Unity of 10 August 1793, a female statue of Nature in the form of the Egyptian goddess Isis represents the regeneration of the French people. It sits on the site of the Bastille prison, whose fall signaled the beginning of the Revolution. The engraving depicts the statue as made of stone, but in fact it was hastily constructed of papier mache. This engraving was printed in 1797 as part of a series of commemorative prints of events of the revolution.    
La Fête de l'Etre Suprême La Fête de l'Etre Suprême, au Champs de Mars, le 20 prairial An II (8 juin 1794), par Pierre-Antoine Demachy La Fête de l'Etre Suprême  
The Liberty Trees    
Place de la Revolution, late 18th Century Etienne Bericourt,
'the Planting of the Liberty Tree'

'Refrains Patriotiques'

Sans-culottes dance to the Ça Ira around a Liberty Tree.

Planting the Tree of Liberty, 1790


Painting celebrating the "liberation" of Alcace, Winter 1792 Heh, another 'liberation'